Caitlyn and Leonard

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Sulphar, Kentucky

How We Met

Leonard and I went to high school together and first met freshman year. While we had classes together from the beginning, it wasn’t until we were at the same table in biology that we really began talking to each other. From there, our friendship grew until we went on our first date in November of our sophomore year. Our relationship has been going strong ever since then, even through attending two separate universities.

Where to Propose in Sulphar, Kentucky

how they asked

Leonard and I were celebrating the end of our undergraduate careers with a nice dinner at Volare, an Italian restaurant in Louisville. After dinner, he suggested a walk across the Big Four Bridge, which didn’t seem out of the ordinary as something we have done before. When we arrived, there were six stops (one for each full year together) with photos of us, roses, and a picture of a corgi with song lyrics (because who doesn’t love corgis?). At the sixth stop, he proposed! Thankfully we have photos to remember the special occasion.

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