Caitlyn and Kyle

How We Met

I met Kyle at a classic college house party in 2010. We were introduced by my long-time best friend who had a distinct dislike for my, then, current boyfriend. We spent the rest of our Junior year in college as Juniors do – uncommitted, flighty, but having a fantastic time. Senior year rolled around and I found Kyle at the top of 4 flights of stairs in the oldest building on campus, all out of breath and sweaty, on the first day of my Philosophy class. Somehow, he got into the class (and relied on me for the whole semester)! That Christmas break we both went separate ways. He went to Montana and I went to Seattle. On January 7th, 2011 we both returned to campus and he asked me to come over – which was definitely to my surprise because he was still very uncommitted throughout the first half of the school year. I went over to his house that had just sat for four weeks of Christmas break and had gone uncleaned before all of his roommates left. He greeted me at the door with an awkward hug, as college “men” do. I thought I was getting some special treatment and really thought I would be the only one there with him. But, of course not! How could I think that. I walked into what was another classic college house party! To my surprise though, Kyle did give me a Christmas present and that sealed the deal. Ever since he gave me that red, fuzzy blanket we were hooked on each other. Finishing out the last semester of our Senior year together was the most fun we had ever had, and eventually led to our move to Denver, a proposal, and now marriage :-)

Image 1 of Caitlyn and Kyle

how they asked

Every year we go to the lake cabin for a nice long, relaxing week. During the first week of August, 2014, we packed up our little sedan, threw the dogs in the back, and drove 15 hours from Denver, CO to Missoula, MT. After arriving, we took a nice long fresh breath of glacier air and realized that we were in heaven for an entire week. No work, no responsibility, just fun. I had joked with Kyle many times over the previous 6 months that I was not officially part of the family. And, on Wednesday, August 6, 2014 I joked once more as we were going to take “family” photos on the dock at the lake.Prior to pictures I asked if I needed makeup and a cute dress.

Everyone said “Absolutely not, we’re at the lake!” Too bad, because I went up and put makeup on anyway! Kyle got the tripods with the cameras all set up on the dock. We took a number of family photos and then we took “couples” photos. Kyle’s parent’s went first, then Kyle’s brother and girlfriend, and then we were last. He looked at me and said, “Give me a Kiss”, which is totally out of character for him in front of his family. So, I did. He then said “I want to spend the rest of my life with you,” and got down on one knee. At this point I was in complete shock and had my hands over my face.

He had no other words because he is a total “guy” when it comes to emotions, but I didn’t need anything more than he had already said. In the end I absolutely said yes and his last words before we gushed over the pictures and headed out on a boat ride were “Don’t drop the ring in the water, I don’t have insurance yet!” The second half of the trip was filled with starring at my beautiful ring and trying to figure out how I had no clue my life would change with one little trip to the lake!

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