Caitlyn and Josh

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How We Met

It all started as a middle school crush. We were going to the same church for years, but I was too afraid to approach him. Later down the road he joined the church band that I was singing for and it was finally my opportunity to get to know him. After two years we started becoming very close friends and we both knew that we had feeling for each other, but never would admit it. Months went on and every day he would show just how much he really cared for me. The woman that I am was being very careful wanted to see how genuine he really was and if he would be Mr. Right. After more than six months of him being persistent and showing what a great friend and man he was, I gave in and let fate take its course. This is how it all started!!

how they asked

It was only supposed to be a birthday dinner! The day seemed to be like any other day. It was the day before my birthday and he wanted to take me out on a romantic dinner date where he first asked me out. I was so excited and could not wait! This was going to be a special day and he knew it, so he wanted to make sure I went to get my hair and nails done. Little did I know this was all part of his plan. As the day went on and I was finishing up getting ready, I heard a knock on my door. I was excited, but confused as to why he was at my house so early, but it wasn’t him. A women standing at the door greeted me with balloons, flowers and a CD that I had no idea what it was for. He had gotten a limo to take me to the restaurant! I was assisted out by the driver being followed by my parents. They had surprised me by saying that they will be joining us for dinner.

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Not thinking anything of we all got in the limo and on we went. Once we were settled in the limo his voice came over the radio. It was the CD that the drive had given me! He recorded his voice with a message and put our top ten favorite songs for me to listen to on the way there. I was so clueless because this is so like him to pull something so extravagant. Arriving at the Rams Head he greeted me at the limo with the warmest smile I have ever seen. Pictures were being taken by my parents to stall for all the last minute touches that I had no idea about. As we walked in the restaurant so many smiles were given for what was about to take place. Walking towards a room I noticed a sign that said “Room Reserved For Caitlyn and Josh”. He had a whole room reserved just for us!

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Once we got to the arch way of the door I heard beautiful music being played, it was a harp player right next to our table. Looking into the room he had a walk way of candles and rose pedals leading to a table of memories.

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Walking down towards the table of memories I noticed that both of our close families were there along with a photographer. Still not thinking anything of it I thought it was just a big family birthday dinner. I began to look at all the pictures that were displayed on the table and at that moment he pointed towards a beautiful glass box with a ring in it.

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At this moment he grabbed both of my hands stared me right in my eyes and started telling me how much he loved me. After that it was all a blur with tears and joy when he got down on one knee and popped the question! Knowing he would be the love of my life I had to say yes!

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