Caitlyn and Joseph

Caitlyn and Joseph 's Engagement in The Highline, NYC

How We Met

Joe and I met through mutual friends and went on a blind date. It’s been love ever since!

how they asked

About four years ago, Joe and I met on a blind date… it was love at first site. I know it sounds cheesy but it’s true, you really do know when you’ve found your soulmate. During our first date we met up at a local bar to myself, we are both from New Jersey… after a lot of conversation and nervousness (out of me, not him. Joe was so confident, even if he was nervous, he did not show it at all) we decided that we were going to drive into NYC and have some drinks in the city of dreams. I tried to tell Joe that we should take the train in as it was a Saturday night and we were never going to find parking. Joe insisted on driving.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Highline, NYC

Finally, we get into the city as we are driving around playing a game, “the red light challenge” that was our first kiss. Point of the game, a kiss at every red light we hit. It was magical. After driving around for almost three hours, we never found parking so we decided to head back to New Jersey. That night was the best night of my life. Cut to a couple years later, we bought a house and one day after only being in our house maybe less than six months… Joe asks me, “do you want to plan a trip to NYC and redo our first date?” I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the trip. This time, we took the train in! We were there for the weekend so we dropped our stuff at our hotel and set out to really have our first date in the city. We went everywhere… food, drinks, met strangers, had the time of our lives.

Finally our last stop was the high line. We walked the whole thing, saw live performances, you name it. We stop on an overlook, tree covered, beautiful and that’s when it happened. All of a sudden Joe is on one knee asking me to become his wife. I felt like the world was standing still. My dreams did come true that day in the city of dreams, NYC, and my second date to New York was again the best day of my life. I cannot wait to marry the man of my dreams, November 11th, 2018.