Caitlyn and Jordan

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How We Met

As told by Jordan: “I was asked to referee an intramural basketball game one night in college… I said I wasn’t going to referee the men’s league, so I ended up as the referee for the co-ed league. It just happened to be a game where there was this beautiful girl that I had seen before playing in this game. Might I mention she was a baller and a cutie, and seemed to have a great personality, that’s a triple threat! She harassed me in a joking manner that it was my fault one of her teammates hurt her ankle due to me refereeing that particular game. A few days later, I finally worked up the courage to talk to her. Little did I know that this girl would eventually agree to be my wife.”

As told by Caitlyn: “Jordan and I met during my second year of college, and his third. It was a week night toward the end of the semester, and I had an intramural game that he ended up refereeing. I had seen him around before, but had no idea who he was or what he was like. One of my teammates ended up rolling her ankle during our game, and after the game I gave Jordan a hard time joking that it was his fault she got hurt. A few days after that, I had my first real conversation with him. Fast forward 3.5 years, and I’m still thanking God every day for making him mine:)”

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how they asked

Our families were down in New Orleans, Louisiana where we would be boarding a cruise for the week. With an extra day to spare before we left, my family made a plan to show Jordan and his family around the French Quarter in New Orleans. In the weeks prior to vacation, my dad and I had discussed all the different places we would go that afternoon and had pretty much come up with an itinerary for the day. Little did I know, he knew a lot more about the day’s plans than I did! Unfortunately, the weather was looking a little questionable, so I was sure that we wouldn’t get to see all the spots I had planned that day.

After lunch, we walked toward Jackson Square so that we could see the St. Louis Cathedral and get a few pictures in front of it before the rain came. Jordan didn’t seem too excited to take a picture (he hates pictures), but his mom was insisting that he took some pictures with his brother and dad. After some prying, I finally got Jordan to take a picture with me, and after we took our picture, he started to tell me that he loved me. This was not completely abnormal or surprising… Until I realized that his left hand was pulling something out of his pocket! I immediately zoned out every person and sound around us and started crying like I always knew I would. He had to ask if I said yes after hugging him because I couldn’t even speak, I just tried to shake my head “yes” hoping he would get my answer:) Once I cleared my eyes from all the tears, I finally got a good look at the ring and realized he had gotten me my DREAM ring that I have pinned a million times on Pinterest and probably shown him just as much.

Many people asked if I had any idea it was coming, being that we were on vacation with both of our families, and the honest answer is no. Any time we discussed getting engaged/married, it was planned to be a year or two down the road. At the time, I wasn’t sure where I would be attending graduate school, so a wedding wasn’t going to be happening any time soon. I also thought that whenever the day came, I would have some idea that my parents had talked to Jordan and given them his blessing, but they were almost too good at keeping this secret, considering he asked them (and my grandmother…aww!) way back in August! How lucky am I that I get to spend the rest of my life with this man?! This was definitely the most overwhelming, happy, and amazing moment of my life, and I am so happy that he included our families to be a part of it all.

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