Caitlyn and Gabe

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How We Met

How i met my best friend…My best friend was dating Gabes best friend at the time. She thought it would be so fun if we could go on double dates together. Finally she was determined to match me up, and thank goodness she did. She intoduced me to Gabe during lunch one day. I thought he was so cute and from then on we have been together. High School Sweethearts.

how they asked

From Barcelona, Rome, to Paris, on a train, bus, and a plane Gabe hid the ring the whole time from me. When we arrived in Paris we decided that we would go to the Eiffel Tower. It was around 2 and Gabe really wanted to see it light up. Of course that didn’t happen until 7pm so we had lots of time to spare. After eating dinner and drinking tons of hot chocolate to stay warm we waited for it to light up. Finally right on the dot at 7 it lit up gold, it was beyond beautiful. Gabe wanted someone to take a picture of us, little did I know that this person was gonna film my proposal. Right at 7:05 it started to sparkle and as i step up on the block to take a picture Gabe goes down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. It was unbelievable and I thought that it was a dream. The fact that i get to marry my best friend makes me beyond excited. #Howheproposed

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