Caitlyn and Dustin

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How We Met

Dustin and I grew up in a small, East Texas town. He was my first love, and one of my best friends during high school. Dustin is a year older than I am and moved to Colorado after graduating high school. A year later, I chose to attend Texas A&M University. Dustin and I stayed in touch, even though we were 1000 miles away from one another. After Dustin moved back to Texas in December 2014, we decided to give our relationship another try. Needless to stay, it worked out!

how they asked

Dustin and I are both June babies. His birthday is the 23rd, and mine is the 27th. We usually celebrate our birthdays together, but Dustin was insistent about separating our birthday weekends this year. He decided we should visit our best couple friends, Baylee and Brenden in Dallas. I had traveled a lot this summer, so reluctantly, I agreed, and off to Dallas we went. Saturday morning, the weather was terrible! Dustin was so stressed out and praying for better weather. I was confused because he normally loves the rain and any thunderstorm. Dustin and I had made plans to go on brewery tour with Baylee, Brenden, and Abbie (my other best girl friend). We spent the morning at Franconia Brewery and had a great lunch in Deep Ellum. Later that evening, thankfully the weather finally cleared up, we went to dinner at Perry’s Steak House for Dustin’s birthday dinner with Baylee and Brenden. After we finished, the guys decided to surprise Baylee and I with special plans. We pull up a little later at Addison Airport. I was pretty clueless as to why we were there and what we were doing but decided to relax and go with the flow for once. Brenden informed Baylee and I that the guys had planned a private plane tour over Dallas! Unfortunately, the airport didn’t book a large enough plane, so Dustin and I would go on the tour first. The pilot let Dustin know that the plane wouldn’t start, and Dustin’s anxiety started again. Eventually another plane was brought around, and Dustin and I boarded. He handed me a dozen roses when we took off, and I was still clueless. I guess I was thinking this must be part of my birthday present. The views were absolutely stunning! Halfway through the flight, our pilot started to make a wide turn. I looked down, and “MARRY ME” was lit up in a field below. I elbowed Dustin, extremely confused as to what was going on. I literally thought, “This is a terrible joke.” Next thing I knew, Dustin had asked me to spend the rest of our lives together. I was so overwhelmed with emotion that I forgot to say yes! After we landed, Abbie, Baylee, Brenden, and our families were waiting to congratulate us. June 24th was the best day of my life. I can’t wait to marry my best friend.

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