Caitlyn and Dane


How We Met

Dane & I as cheesy as it may sound met at my high school prom in May, 2012 (he went to a different high school then I.) He went with one of my old friends (since they were dating at the time). Not knowing they were dating, I approached them because I thought he looked really handsome & wanted to introduce myself. When she grabbed his hand & clung to him tight I could see they were dating & chose to keep my distance. It wasn’t until December of 2012 that he & I started talking to each other again. He would like my boyfriend at the time & I’s posts on social media so when I saw this I asked my boyfriend about him & he told me to add him on Facebook because he is a really nice guy. I added him & we talked for a long time but then we lost communication for awhile & then regained it September of 2014. He asked me to go with him to a festival which I did but after the festival he asked me out & I wanted to date him but didn’t want to use him as a rebound (even though he had been single for 3 years) so I waited a couple more months. As the months went by we continued talking & in January 2015 (after 6 months total) he asked me if I would be his girlfriend, to which I said, “Yes” & we began dating.



how they asked

I go to Taylor University in Upland, Indiana & my fiancé is still undecided on his major so he hasn’t applied to colleges just yet but plans to soon. The first time he came to get me from my dorm on campus he fell in love with the campus & thought that it would be romantic to kiss under what they call the Rice Bell Tower (a bell tower in the center of campus). So, that is where he first kissed me for the first time & the night of the engagement he chose to recreate that night. He held my hand as we walked down sidewalk after sidewalk around campus while asking me if I remember where we had our first kiss. I said, “Yes, I do.” He told me to keep that memory in mind & follow him. By then I kinda knew what was going on & he got really nervous as we reached the bell tower because there were lots of people walking around in that area. So, he started walking around in circles till it was just us & he got down on one knee & said, “Will you marry me?” & I of course, said, “YES!”. After my friend Katie took pictures of us while hiding in the bushes nearby and around campus we thanked her & she let us spend the rest of the night together just enjoying the moment. He took me on a walk down random streets that lead to Ivanhoe’s; a famous small town restaurant & ice cream shop, where he took me that night we shared our first kiss. We spent the remainder of the night calling our parents & friends & sharing the news with them of our engagement.





Special Thanks

Katie Helou