Caitlyn and Chandler


How We Met

Chandler and I met back in 2009 when we were in 9th grade. I was again “the new kid” after moving from Colorado to Utah, and I remember being so nervous to start school. I swiftly walked to each class, avoided making eye contact with anyone and was happy to nearly finish up the first day. I made it to our religion class, and I first saw Chandler sitting two rows in front of me, laughing at something someone said next to him. I was easily smitten. Since it was the beginning of the school year, we had to introduce ourselves to the class and make our way around the room meeting and talking with new people. Everyone already knew each other except for me, and I remember him coming up to me, introducing himself and asking me what my favorite candy bar was. (typical 14 year old small talk)

We quickly became best friends and talked about dating. We decided to put it off, in fear that a high school relationship would ruin anything serious in the future. We had plans to go to college and serve LDS missions after high school, and always had the mindset of “if it happens, it happens, and that’d be wonderful.” There was always hope! We both went to a semester of college, continued to be best friends, and even stayed in touch for 2 years through emailing once a week while we served LDS missions in Alaska and the Dominican Republic.

Here’s a picture of us in Alaska this last summer! He lived there, working on a train during the summer, and I went and visited him. Beautiful place! So magical :)


how they asked

I was so nervous to see him in person after not seeing him for 2 years, and I was amazed at how naturally we picked up things. It was like we never left each other, and we easily laughed like we used to. We decided to (finally) date seriously and our relationship felt so natural!

Every summer we spend some family time at my grandparents’ cabin near Bear Lake, Utah. Before driving home, Chandler told me that he wanted to take me on a scenery hike that I’ve gone on since I was able to walk. We talked, picked wildflowers, and strolled our way down the windy paths through giant pine trees. We made our way up to a little meadow, overlooking the lake that I’ve loved since I was born,. Chandler set up his phone on a tree stump to take a picture, and before I know it he was kneeling down next to me, telling me how much he loves me and asking me to more him. I was in complete shock, so happy and was more than eager to say, “YES”. He was barely standing (poor guy almost fell over) before I kissed his face right off.

I love how our engagement was perfect for me (and us). A lot of people talk about how they want big gestures or gifts when they get engaged, which is still fun and happy, but I was so glad that Chandler asked me in a way that made me feel the most myself. I am so happy next to guy, surrounded my flowers and trees, and overlooking my most favorite lake :)


We also took our engagements in the mountains, which reminds me of our special engagement place :)