Caitlin and Spencer

How We Met

Spencer and I had met once when we were teenagers and became connected on LinkedIn sometime thereafter. Several years later, I was on a first date with another man at my favorite restaurant and bar, Jackson’s. As my date and I left, we heard a man’s voice calling my name. Embarrassing! Not being able to recognize his face in the dark of the night, my date and I continued on our way. I returned the home feeling, yet again, underwhelmed by another first date. *DING* LinkedIn notification at 12:57 a.m.: You have a message from Spencer. Message: “where do I know you from?” And from that point forward, Spencer and I did, and still do, everything together. We walk our two rescue dogs together. We go to the gym at 4 a.m. together. We go to church together. We hike peaks, go out with friends, hang out with family, travel to amazing places together. Everything.

How They Asked

So naturally, when my family asked me to join them at my Uncle’s log cabin in Kalispell, Montana for Thanksgiving, Spencer joined, as well. Together we planned a trip to visit Glacier National Park (or at least those areas still accessible despite the snow) for our last full day in Montana. That day, Friday, November 23, 2018, we jumped up into our rental pick-up truck and headed to the Park. We parked at the Apgar campgrounds and began to walk along the stunning pebble shores of Lake McDonald until we reached a pier.

Wanting to get a nice shot of the lake adorned by snow-capped mountains, we decided to walk to the end of the pier and snap a few photos with our cell phones. “Do you love me,” Spencer asked. I turned from taking photos to see Spencer down on one knee with a Tiffany & Co. box in his hand and the most stunning engagement ring. I said YES and I cannot wait to marry him!

Special Thanks

Marianne Wiest
 | Photographer