Caitlin & John | A Shane Co. Couple's Engagement at the Zoo

The day started off with us driving to Colorado Springs to see the Garden of the Gods. As we walked around the park, we picked up an activity map for Colorado Springs. I saw there was a zoo close by and John said we should go. He knows how much I love zoos.

Later, we went into town to get some food at a German restaurant. It started raining once we were finished eating lunch but naturally, I wanted to go right then to the zoo, raining or not. I even told him we were going to walk around in ponchos! Thankfully it stopped raining.

We got to the zoo, and as we were waiting at the ticket counter he asked me to go get his phone from the truck. Unbeknownst to me, this was when he was telling the staff we were there. (His phone was in his pocket the whole time).

As we walked around the park, he told me they had elephants who painted pictures.
At the elephant gate, we met a woman who took us down to the seated area and “stage” where the elephants were. She told us we could sit up close to the elephants along with a couple of photographers that I thought were with the zoo.

They brought out a canvas, paint and brushes for Lucky (the elephant) to use. I saw John get kind of quiet and nervous, but I thought he was as excited to see the elephants as me. (Now I realize it was because he didn’t know there was going to be a huge audience there as well.)

Caitlin and John Shane Co Zoo Proposal (2)

As Lucky was painting, the zookeeper holding the canvas kept showing the audience what it said, but I was too busy talking to everyone around me to even notice. When Lucky was finished, the zookeeper turned the sign around and it said “MUFFIN WILL YOU MARRY ME?” I was completely shocked and almost forgot John was even there; let alone kneeling on the ground next to me with a gorgeous double halo Shane Co. ring.

Caitlin and John Shane Co Zoo Proposal (4)

Caitlin and John Shane Co Zoo Proposal (3)

The whole zoo practically erupted into applause and it was only then I found out the “zoo” photographers were actually two people that John had hired to capture this awesome moment. He did an amazing job. I don’t think I could have proposed to myself any better!

Shane Co Proposal Caitlin and Johnny

About Caitlin’s Ring:

An absolute Shane Co. favorite; this heavenly style has a center stone surrounded by a “halo” of smaller diamonds to emphasize its sparkle. Part classic, part fashion-forward; halo engagement rings are widely considered the “new classic.”

Caitlin and John Shane Co Zoo Proposal (6)

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Photos by: Exquisite Image Photography