Caitlin and Trevor

How We Met

Trevor and I met in 2008 when we were freshmen in high school at Portsmouth Abbey in Rhode Island. We spent the next four years as best friends and ended up going to prom together our senior year! After we graduated, we stayed in touch every once in a while, but he was going to school in Wisconsin and I was in New Hampshire, so we didn’t see each other much. He’ll tell you that he tried to see me more, but I was hard to get. Fast forward to June of 2018! Trevor was stationed in North Carolina as a Marine Corps officer and I was teaching at our boarding school. Our birthdays are only 2 days apart in July, so he texted me and said that he was coming home for them and wanted to know if he would see me. This time I promised I wouldn’t bail. As it got closer, work got in the way and he couldn’t come home, but he wanted to ask me if I would go to the Marine Corps ball with him in November, like prom all over again! I of course agreed and was so excited! We texted every day after that but still hadn’t seen each other in over a year. He let me know that he would be home for Labor Day Weekend and I said I would pick him up from the airport. When the time came, I got to the airport an hour early because I couldn’t sit still and wait. I was so excited and anxious to see him! When he finally landed, he walked down the stairs at the airport and walked right up to me and kissed me.. and from that moment, I knew this was real!

How They Asked

In September of 2019, I left home and moved to North Carolina to join Trevor. We planned on coming home to Rhode Island for two weeks to spend Christmas with our families. We talked about getting married all the time, but before we left, he told me that he was worried that I thought the proposal was coming sooner than it really was and he didn’t want me to be disappointed and waiting for it while we were home. So he said it wasn’t happening, but that he had a plan and I had to trust him, so I did!

Caitlin's Proposal in Gurney's Newport Resort & Marina

We had one date night planned and it was to go to the igloos at Gurney’s. That entire day was normal. We went to the gym and spent the rest of the day Christmas shopping with two of his brothers. I was convinced it wasn’t happening because it was such a normal day! While we were going to the igloos, my mom, dad, and sisters were “going to church” because my mom had students singing in the choir. We got Gurney’s early and walked around during the sunset. We went to the bar and had a drink while we waiting for our reservation.

Proposal Ideas Gurney's Newport Resort & Marina

When we finally got to the igloo, we were just sitting there and talking when Santa walked up to the igloo. He asked to come in and we obviously said yes! He handed out candy canes and a photographer was behind him in a Gurney’s beanie saying that she was taking pictures for a promotional thing with the hotel. I thought nothing of it! Santa placed his bag on the table and said he thought he had something else for us. He handed us each a box. I opened mine first and pulled out a Gurney’s ornament.

Trevor pulled the top of his and that’s when I saw the black velvet box and I knew it was actually happening! He got down on a knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him! I obviously said yes! Santa said there was even more! We walked out of the igloo and my family came running around the corner and I couldn’t help but cry.

Trevor said we should swing by his parents’ house before our dinner reservation and give them all hugs. When we got there, Trevor’s dad said he had something to give me. He opened the garage door and Trevor’s extended family and my best friend were standing there ready to celebrate with us! It was the most magical and perfect night of my life.

Special Thanks

Lisette Rooney
 | Photographer