Caitlin and Tomas

It started off as a surprise birthday trip for Tomas. He came to the US at 16 to play baseball and it has been his dream ever since to go to a Yankees game. On our last night in New York, he took me out to a very nice dinner as a ‘thank-you’ for the trip. (I told him this was completely unnecessary, but little did I know he was setting the tone…) Following the dinner, he said we were going to a very exclusive dessert spot located just a few blocks away. We took an elevator to the top floor of the ‘dessert bar.’ We are greeted by the hostess, “Reservation for Solano on the South Terrace” (**do not use South Terrace**) she responds, “Oh you’re here for the proposal?” Without flinching, Tomas brushes it off with a confident “NO.” This doesn’t surprise me, as we have decided between his visa renewals and losing all I had to Harvey, 2017 would not be the year for engagement. She proceeds to take us to the dining area when he repeats that we are supposed to be on the South Terrace**. The manager comes to assist and walks us to the rooftop patio. I see 2 dozen roses and a heart made of rose petals with candles surrounding it on the ground. I instantly ask Tomas what he’s doing, thinking we are about to ruin the happiest moment of another girl’s life. There’s no way he could have pulled this surprise off, right?? He keeps walking and proceeds to get down on one knee. From this point on, I can’t remember much except for ugly tears and saying yes. To say this was the picture-perfect proposal would be an understatement. That city will forever hold one of the best memories of my life.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in New York City

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Caitlin Wilkerson
 | Photographer