Caitlin and Taylor

How We Met

The first time Taylor and I met was back in our college days at Florida Gulf Coast University. I lived in a townhome community with 3 other roommates and Taylor and his roommates were our neighbors behind us (literally, he lived like 200ft behind me). We would see each other every so often at bars, social events or even just around campus (friends only, I had a boyfriend). I was a charter member of Kappa Delta Sorority and Taylor was in the fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha. Taylor’s sister just so happened to also be the president of my sorority. Taylor and I always remained friends throughout college.

Anyways, after college (and after my college boyfriend and I broke up) Taylor “messaged” me on Facebook. Yes, messaged me. LOL We caught up and started talking day and night. Not long after, he invited me to go visit him in Orlando for a hockey game. After talking to friends and getting different opinions (I’m a girl, what do you expect), I decided to go have fun for a weekend and wow, did he do it right! We had a blast. Ever since then, we have been inseparable. I moved in a few months later and after a year and a half we moved across the country to Southern California and the rest is history…

how they asked

Saturday, September 23rd 2017: The day started with my best friend Brittany and her boyfriend Chad coming over to hang out with my fiancé, Taylor, and I for the day! Chad and Taylor had planned to go golfing (typical boys’ day) and Brittany and I had plans for a girls’ day with brunch and getting our nails done. The boys left early in the morning (with all their golf gear and golf bags) and Brittany and I went down to Newport Beach to grab brunch and mimosas. Later that night, Taylor and I had plans to go to a huge country concert on the beach, which I had BACKSTAGE passes for. We had planned to go to this concert for a while with all my co-workers. Since I had the connections for the passes, I decided to make it easier on everyone (so I thought) and grab everyone’s backstage passes so I could just hand them out to everyone later that night without bothering my connection every time someone showed up.

Anyways, mid-brunch Taylor texts me and tells me he had plans for us that night. Well..we had had these plans to go to the concert for weeks..what is he talking about?! So, I was not very happy with him especially because he wouldn’t tell me what plans he had. Meanwhile, I go pick up all the tickets and Brittany and I head to the nail salon to get our nails done. While getting our nails done, my co-workers are texting me saying they needed to come pick up the tickets from me because they were going to the concert early. So, they came and picked up all the tickets from me.

As we were finishing up our nails, Brittany tells me Chad had an emergency at work and they had to go, so she was just going to leave from the salon to pick up Chad and head back to her house. So, I head back to my apartment by myself.

I walk in our apartment door to find a path of rose petals and candles everywhere, with a big sign hanging that said, “I love you”. My heart immediately dropped. I follow the path of roses to our bedroom to find a huge heart on the bed made with more rose petals and an outfit hanging up for me. I immediately text Brittany…no response. Text a few other people…no response. I’m freaking out. I walk back out to the kitchen to find a bottle of champagne and a note that read, “Cait- Your fairytale beings now. Put on the dress and a car will be there at 5pm to pick you up. No calls or texts.” Again, I’m balling and don’t know what to do because I am by myself and no one will answer me!!

I got all ready and put on an outfit that he picked out for me (there were 3 outfits to choose from). The car came to pick me up and brought me down to one of our favorite spots by the ocean and cliffs in Laguna Beach. I start to walk along the pathway and I’m greeted by a photographer who shows me the way down towards the beach.

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I turn the corner and see Taylor standing there in his handsome suit in the sand, next to a little table with rose petals and my heart just sank. It was a gorgeous scene straight out of The Bachelor (we actually watch the show together). That’s the moment he asked me to spend forever with him. I, of course, SAID YES!!!! The ring was the most amazing thing I had ever seen (Neil Lane, of course). We both were crying and he tells me to look up.

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All I could hear was people yelling and clapping, but I couldn’t tell who they were. First person I see is my sister, then my other sister, then my mom, then his mom and dad, and all my friends. All of our family is from the east coast (Florida and Pennsylvania) and I couldn’t believe they all came all the way to California to witness the proposal. As I am hugging everyone, I turn around and see my dad standing there. I balled my eyes out –I think everyone else was too. (Backstory: my dad lives in Dubai and I don’t get to see him very often. It meant so much to me that he came all that way for less than 48 hours)

After the proposal, we all went back to my apartment rooftop and they all had planned an engagement party. It was the sweetest and most memorable day. Turns out the boys never went golfing and they were hanging with our families all day and planning. Everyone fooled me. And I’m so shocked because I typically find out everything HA. We got to spend the next day with our families celebrating before they all headed back to the east coast! I could not have asked for a better man to marry and cannot wait until our big day. 10.27.18!

Special Thanks

Scott Sapp
 | Photographer