Caitlin and Spencer

How We Met

Spencer and I met when we were 12 years old. We were in carpool together and he always used to sit in the front seat of my mother’s car when she would drive the neighborhood kids home from our private school. As I got older, my mother would pester me and say, “that Spencer boy seems so nice, why don’t you go on a date with him?” I was immediately mortified. As we got older, the charming little boy my mother once knew evolved into a handsome young man on the school football team. I was a cheerleader and chose Spencer as my “buddy” so I could have an excuse to bake him cookies every week and bring them to his house. Over 7 years later, he’s still courting me and I’m still his number one fan. (my mother couldn’t be happier!)

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how they asked

Spencer and I started dating in high school. We were going on 8 years together, when he asked me to visit his grandparents’ vacation home in Maine with him for Labor Day weekend. On Labor Day Monday, a family friend asked us to join him on his beautiful Hinckley yacht for a sunset cocktail cruise. We set off on our journey around the island, and once we dropped anchor in open ocean just off the coast of Maine, we were asked if we’d like a photo at the front of the boat. It was that golden hour of the day, when the light is just so beautiful. After a few photos, Spencer turned to me and said, “We’re missing something. We’re missing a ring.” He reached in his pocket, revealed to me the most beautiful diamond I’ve ever seen, and asked me to be his wife. After all this time, my highschool sweetheart still manages to give me goosebumps!

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