Caitlin and Robinson

how we met

We’re often asked how we met – especially as a couple who started out in two different states. Well, Caitlin was visiting some friends in the area when we ran into each other… a few times. After some spontaneous karaoke, an evening at the craps table, and a late-night viewing of Mean Girls, we were kind of hooked on each. After she left for home, I knew I needed to get her back to DC for a date. A month later, I somehow convinced her to be my date to the French Embassy Christmas Gala and got her on a plane. The weekend included Christmas lights at the zoo, ravioli and red wine, a red dress and a black tux… and pretty much no sleep.

As much as we hated to admit it, we quickly realized we were about to spend a lot of late nights on the road.

how they asked

If you’re a mind reader, you could’ve heard two VERY different stories going on in our minds on the morning of January 26, 2019. The boy there in blue was FREAKING OUT (that’s me). The girl in green (that’s Cait) had no idea what was coming.

Friends that hear my side recall how slowly Caitlin ate her breakfast, or how many pictures of her soft boiled egg she took, or how much sass I got for making sure my hair was parted in just the right spot. Friends that hear Caitiln’s side laugh about how Caitlin remembers me losing all conversational ability, eating way too fast, and taking extra long in the shower.

Back to the big moment… I got in position, just like my Flytographer team and I planned. I took my selfie, said the only line I rehearsed, then panicked without a further script while Caitlin just smiled at me. It was a beautiful smile, and I wish y’all could’ve seen it from where I was standing! Once I had rambled through words and sentences that didn’t make sense, she finally said yes! What a day!

After that, we got a personal tour of all the most beautiful spots in Reykjavic with a photographer who knew his stuff and knew how to capture all the magic of the day. Now we have a little album and a big story that we LOVE pulling out to share with friends, family, and strangers in the elevator – thanks largely to Flytographer!

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