CaItlin and Robert

imageHow We Met: Rob and I met while attending the University of Delaware. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore. We were both in Greek life at the time and he asked me to dance at a social event. After a long chase we started dating a few years later in love park and he brought things around full circle by asking me to marry him where it all started !

how they asked: It was a Saturday morning in April and we were on our way down to what was supposed to be Philadelphia International Airport for a weekend in Nashville. With time on our side we took a quick pit stop in Love Park in the heart of Philadelphia as we do every year on our anniversary. However, this time was a little different. Eager to take a picture in front of the giant LOVE sign I ran towards the line of people, but when I turned around I couldn’t believe my eyes. I found Rob down on his knee in front of everyone in the entire park!

I quickly discovered that the entire proposal was captured on camera by a secret photographer hiding in the bushes. And the plane tickets for our afternoon flight to Nashville? They were fake so he could get me to Philadelphia without any suspicions; Rob quickly pulled out the real tickets for a flight the next morning. We enjoyed our anniversary and engagement in Philadelphia that afternoon and flew to Nashville the next day to continue our celebration.