Caitlin and Richard

How We Met

We met at an outdoor tiki bar through mutual friends. Although he had noticed me a year prior without me ever noticing him.

how they asked

Rich devised a plan with my parents. Without me knowing he took my parents to dinner and asked them for my hand. My mom and him then came up with a plan of when and how he was going to ask me. They decided that my mom was going to suggest we throw him a surprise birthday party. So I came up with a guestlist of 40 of our closest friends and family. My mom basically took care of the rest. I had thought nothing of it at the time. So come that day of his birthday. I took him out and about all day and gave everyone time to help my mom set up abd get ready for his party. So I bring him home around 7:00 we all yell surprise and to my surprise he was not surprised I turn around to ask him what is going on and thats when he started his practiced speech about how he inew I was the one and cue the embarrassment and tears! I could not believe he got me the way he did. Everyone was videoing and taking pictures and I was stunned into silence (I do not like being the center of attention). I stood beat red and sweating with my hands over my eyes for atleast 2 minutes and one of our friends made a funny comment and I realized I still had to give him my resounding YESSS!! I was shaking and soo extremely happy that for one he finally proposed and two he had me unknowingly invite everyone I could possibly want to be there to witness Ruch popping the big question.

Special Thanks

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