Caitlin and Ricardo

How We Met

We met in college at Cal Poly. We were friends for a while and would go line dancing with friends every week. One week it was just the 2 of us and when Ricardo dropped me off afterward he tried to kiss me. I was shocked and awkwardly said goodnight and ran into my house. He didn’t try that again for awhile. We hang out more just the 2 of us and soon we actually start dating. Don’t worry I allow him to kiss me now. We’ve had the greatest relationship ever since.

Where to Propose in Maui, Hawaii

how they asked

While on a trip to Maui we had made reservations for a nice dinner at Mama’s Fish House. My now fiancé said the reservation was at 6:15. We get there and the restaurant has its own private beach I wanted to get a picture of us at. My fiancé asks a “random” woman on the beach to take the photo. After she takes the photo my boyfriend says hold on there’s something I’ve been wanting to ask you and gets down on one knee.

Proposal Ideas Maui, Hawaii

Honestly, I remember nothing after that. After I say yes, not that I remember saying it, my fiance tells me that the random woman is actually a photographer he hired to capture the whole thing and we had an hour to take more photos with her and that our dinner reservation was actually at 7:15. She gets the most amazing photos including a double rainbow (yes the rainbows are real) and a torrential downpour. I never imagined I would have such a dreamy proposal or that I get to marry a man that could make this moment so special.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii

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