Caitlin and Phil

How We Met: Phil and I met in college our junior year. He studied nuclear engineering at NC State and I did nursing at WVU. Crazily enough and little did I know that one of my best friends and roommates would end up becoming my sister in law after Phil came to visit with his brother Joe/her now husband. Our official first date was the night my best friend/roommate got engaged to Joe and our first kiss was helped out by Joe playing Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl.” (I’m not lying!)

how they asked: Phil and I went on our very first little get away weekend together to Wilmington, North Carolina. I’m obsessed with the beach so he took me to this great restaurant on a peir that over looked the ocean.

Image 1 of Caitlin and Phil

After dinner we had planned to walk tone beach.

Image 2 of Caitlin and Phil

Completely unaware my best friend/future sister in law, Lauren (who’s over half way pregnant) is running around behind us taking pictures AND video of everything! When he got down on one knee it was the greatest most encompassing feeling of love I have ever experienced. It all feels so surreal still…I just can’t believe I get to Marry this incredible man.!

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