Caitlin and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I have been together for 8 amazing years but we first fell in love long before that as sophomores in high school. I remember the first time I saw him standing in the lunch line Freshman year. I had heard through the typical game of telephone, that is high school, he had “kissed” me even though he had a girlfriend. I must say I was quite surprised to hear that myself as I had never met or spoken with him before. So one day at lunch I decided to seek him out. I found him halfway through the lunch line, approached him and we chatted about the crazy story that was circling the hallway of our small high school. As sophomore year rolled around he ended up sitting behind me in English class. We quickly became best friends. We were inseparable!

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He even went to my cheer leading meetings and I to his hockey meetings at lunch just so we could eat together. I cannot tell you how many times we heard “Why don’t you guys just get married already!” As the years passed our friendship grew but we dated other people. Boy was that a mistake! We always ended up right back in each others arms. Finally in 2008 while driving home from a Paramore concert in the City he asked me to be his girlfriend. We have been together ever since. We are best friends and even though I had to wait 8 (almost 9!) years for a proposal it was worth every single second!

how they asked

While in Hawaii on vacation we hired a local tour guide to take us around the island. On our last stop, we visited a secret spot on the North Shore. We walked down a long tunnel that opened up to this picturesque beach which lead us to a sandy area up on a ledge of rocks. Michael took me by the waist as we looked out into the ocean and told me how in love he was and how he looked forward to bringing our future children back to that same spot. I thought to myself..this is it, this is the moment but as he turned to face me he struggled to get the ring out of his backpack. I panicked and squealed “Please don’t let this be a joke” as I grabbed my heart to keep my hands from shaking. Before I knew it the ring was free from it’s carefully wrapped hiding place and Michael was down on one knee! A giant wave crashed up against the rocks creating a picture perfect backdrop as he asked Caitlin Rae Collins, will you marry me?…Without hesitation I answered Yes!

Special Thanks

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