Caitlin and Michael

How We Met

we met about 10 years ago (2006) when I was in middle school. Mike liked to act like he was some cool dude who wouldn’t give me the time of day ? His little brother happened to have been my best friend at the time. Every time I would hang out with Dan, Mike would drop him off, and blast A day to remember in his “suped” up mazda 3. LOL.

Where to Propose in our baby shower!

Flash forward to 2013, some how we ended up friends on Instagram, and me being the lurk i am, i happened to like some of his pictures. then found a super cute one of him, and commented “were gonna get married one day.” He happened to write back, somehow we started texting. We ended up meeting up at one of my step-dads shows, and kicked it off from there. i guess you could say, soulmates?

how they asked

We were having a baby shower for our little girl, Ava Rose. The start of the day turned out to be a disaster. Mikes grabdma accidentally forgot the desert table, the wind just wouldn’t stop blowing, and the flies were real that day. I preordered some gorgeous baby girl balloons from party city, so i finally figured out where i wanted to place my balloons, when i went to grab them, they some how wrapped around the ceiling fan, and there was no ladder & no one was tall enough to get them! I had a melt down. I freaked out. I was so angry. (not to mention 8.5 months pregnant!) So my FMIL & FGIL went to the store to get me more balloons. When they came back, the balloons had nothing to do with the baby shower, in fact, they just said “i love you.” I was so irritated at this point, i didn’t even want the baby shower LOL.

Finally, i got everything set up, our guests were happy, and everyone had a wonderful time. Well, people were starting to leave, so Mike asked me to open gifts because “people wanted me to see what they got me.” They got me a chair, sat me down, and tied the “i love you” balloons to my chair “for pictures”. I had opened maybe 3 gifts at this time, and out of no where, mike walks behind me, and begins to talk. “i just want to thank everyone for being here today, this is the happiest time of my life, (as he begins to cry) & i just want everyone to know how much i love caitlin.” (gets down on one knee) the crowd went nuts. “will you marry me?!” I FREAKED. i told him i couldn’t cry, because my mascara would run LOL. “yes!” everyone clapped, we got tons and tons of hugs and congratulations from everyone! I continued opening presents. After i was done, our guests then got up to leave again since mike stopped them before :) I relaxed in the chair, while my FMIL & FGIL cleaned up. ❤

Caitlin and Michael's Engagement in our baby shower!