Caitlin and Matthew

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How We Met

I was in my final year of law school at Tulane University in New Orleans, getting ready to celebrate what I thought was going to be my final Mardi Gras. My best friend (Alison), my sister (Savannah), and my sister’s best friend (Cassie), were in town to enjoy the fun as well. I had just taken them to my favorite spot to watch the parades when Alison’s infamously tiny bladder struck. I ended up taking her to a local favorite restaurant on the parade route, Superior Grill, because it had free bathrooms for the public. While I waited for her (and there was quite a wait), I stood near the front door watching the floats go by. It was then that a very cute waiter approached me and began to strike up a conversation. We quickly bonded over shared interests, especially nerdy ones. By the time Alison returned, he had bought me a margarita and I had asked for his number. Our first date was four days later, on Mardi Gras Day, and we have been inseparable (and insufferable) ever since.

how they asked

Matt and I had started alternating families for the holidays last year. This year, we spent Thanksgiving with my family in Orlando, and we planned on spending Christmas with his family in New Orleans. So we came to Orlando the weekend before Christmas to enjoy a mini holiday with my family a bit early. My sister had told me that this year instead of getting me a gift, she and I were going to go to Disney and drink around the World at EPCOT and just have some sister time. This meant getting manicures and getting dressed up, so that we could take cute pictures together. In hindsight, I should have been incredibly suspicious, but at the time I thought it was just going to be a fun day with family. After we opened up Christmas gifts with Matt and my family, Savannah and I got ready to head out, and our dad decided to come with us. So, the three of us started to take some cute holiday pictures around the park, and enjoy time as a family.

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Little did I know that this was all an elaborate ruse by Matt and my sister. While I was out at Disney, taking pictures and walking around with my sister and father, Matt was busy getting ready, secretly getting all of my closest friends into the park, and coordinating with Princess Jasmine (our favorite princess) to set me up. By the time I made my way to meet Jasmine, she was ready to help make the most magical moment for me become reality.

In line for our meet and greet, Savannah and I were talking and catching up, when she asked how I thought Matt was going to propose. I had an idea that he had been ring shopping, we’d talked about our future together, and he had kept hinting the proposal would be in January in New Orleans. Turns out, I was wrong. So very, wonderfully, wrong.

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(My sister sent Cassie a text laughing about how I was trying to predict how the proposal would occur, while Matthew was literally waiting right around the corner)

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While I was talking to Jasmine and getting ready for my picture with her, Matt was escorted in from the exit by Disney staff in order to surprise me. I had no idea he would be there, let alone that he would be proposing!

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From the moment I noticed Matt was there, with a ring in hand, I had tunnel vision. All I could focus on was Matt, the ring, the fact that this was actually happening. It took me ages to even look up and see that Alison, Cassie, my mom, and several other friends were there as well, to be there for this moment.

I was experiencing my happiest moment at the happiest place on Earth, and thanks to Matt I was surrounded by friends and family.

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Just when I thought the day couldn’t get any more magical, I found out that my dad had arranged for a Disney PhotoPass photographer to follow us around for an impromptu engagement photo shoot around the various countries at EPCOT.

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I am so grateful that I get to marry my best friend in New Orleans, the city that started it all. If he put this much love and effort into making our proposal the best day of my life, I can’t wait for all the magical moments that I am sure are yet to come.

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