Caitlin and Liam

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How We Met

Liam and I were both studying photography at TAFE together, but in different years. I used to sit and talk to his friends and he’d be quietly working away in the corner without saying a word. I graduated in December 2014 without us ever really having a conversation with each other, but I’d become aware of his work and who he was and I was curious about him. A week after I graduated we were both at a photography function together and I asked around about him to see what his story was. Our friends told me he was shy but pretty much the kindest person they’d ever met. I plucked up my courage and approached him. We danced and drank and began messaging each other regularly.

A few days later I was flying out to Melbourne to visit a friend. Liam came over the night before and we spent the entire time talking. While I was away he called me every night and we talked about our days and counted down until I flew back home. He met me at the airport with flowers and the sweetest smile on his face. Right from that day I joked about us getting married. He quickly became my best friend and a person I could be myself around. Shortly after Christmas he told me he loved me for the first time and we moved in together.

how they asked

Liam had arranged for one of our friends to distract me for the day while he was ‘at work’. I happily went off to the beach with our friend Mikey, followed by lunch and a Netflix marathon of Acapella shows. When I arrived home I found a handwritten note from Liam by the front door:

“I was lost and you found me. Find me again and we will never be lost.”

Inside on the hall table was a second note:

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“Go to my favourite place – where I get to wake up to your gorgeous face.”

In our room I found a clothes rack with three dresses and a third note:

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“Choose one…then go to where we sing and dance as if no one is watching.”

In the bathroom under the mirror I found the final note:

“If only you could see you the way I do…Be ready at 5pm, I will be waiting for you to come find me…”

At 5pm, I was ‘kidnapped’ by another friend, Stan, who drove me to The Orangery Fine Art Gallery. I was so nervous I took my time getting out of the car – little did I know Liam was impatiently waiting behind a bush for me to enter the gallery! Hanging inside the gallery were pictures of us, with framed letters Liam had written to me. I walked along the wall of our past year together, so amazed by the amount of effort and love Liam had put into this. I turned to see this amazing man standing in the gallery with me, both of us with smiles on our faces and tears in our eyes. He seemed speechless and then began to tell me how much he loved me.

It’s safe to say I said yes when he asked me to marry him.

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