Caitlin and Kyle

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How We Met

I’ll never forget the night I met Caitlin. It was a guys night out at one our local watering holes in the town where Caitlin and I both attended college (Central Michigan University). The truth is, the world works in mysterious ways and I should have never been there that night. Fresh out of college and only an intern at my first job, I was low on funds and didn’t even plan on going out that night. Fortunately for me (well, the both of us), a visit from my dad and a Benjamin Franklin intended for groceries led me to her. The night was much like any other in a loud and crowded bar until I spotted her across the room. Almost immediately after noticing her sitting in the middle of a group of people I knew, I asked my best friend’s girlfriend who she was and why I had never met her before. I knew I had to meet her. With a little bit of courage, I stepped up into a booth full of her friends, reached across the table and reached out my hand to introduce myself. I could tell that she was a bit apprehensive and a lift of my head into the lamp above the table probably didn’t help my case. Somehow, I convinced her to dance the night away with me and we’ve been together ever since.

how they asked

My friend, Michael asked me if I wanted to attend a Mercedes event with him at the Planetarium in Chicago on a Saturday night a couple of weeks away. I was so excited about the event that planning my outfit and the logistics of the night quickly became the conversation of the week. Unfortunately, Michael was unable to get an extra ticket for Kyle to attend the event with us. Kyle was alright with the outcome as he was planning on having a guys night out that night anyways. After work that Saturday, I ran home to quickly get ready so we would not be late for the event, but lets be real, Michael and I are always fashionably late. Michael was very persistent to leave on time since one of his friends was courteous enough to extend us the tickets. Pulling up to the event location, I realized there were not a lot of people and cars outside but I didn’t think anything of it once Michael explained that this is most likely because we were late to the event. The view was immaculate – it had been raining all day and about thirty minutes before we arrived the rain had stopped. The fog had lifted and the view of the Chicago skyline was breathtaking. So of course Michael and I had to get a picture together. We walked over near the lake where we stood trying to get some pictures, selfies of course. I insisted we ask the man sitting by the fountain to take our picture as he was the only person around. I walked over and asked him to take a photo of Michael and I.

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He generously agreed and stood up from the fountain when I noticed the huge camera hanging from his hip. I said, “Oh, perfect. You’re a photographer so you’ll take great pictures”. He started laughing and glaring at something behind me. So naturally I turned around and there he was. Kyle walking up in a blue, pressed tux smiling the smile that made me fall in love with him. He exchanged some words that I will forever keep between us, but they are words that will forever be in my heart (and I somewhat blacked out so I may not remember all of them). He then got on one knee and pulled out my dream ring presented in a pink velvet box from Mrs. Box with my new initials embroidered on it. Not only did Kyle make this the perfect moment, he planned the most perfect night. He said we had dinner reservations at Spiagga – a 5-star restaurant in Chicago – where a bottle of champagne was waiting for us. As we walked into the restaurant, the host guided us to our table where the other best surprise was waiting

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. Kyle had our entire family drive/fly into Chicago and join us for the nights festivities. We enjoyed a beautiful dinner of laughs and tears and were able to dance the night away across the street at the famous Drake hotel while consuming too much champagne. Not only did the love of my life ask me to be his wife that night, but we got to celebrate with the most important people and I was without a doubt the happiest girl in the world.

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Special Thanks

John Gress
 | Photographer
Mrs Box
 | Created the ring box