Caitlin and Kaanen

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Our proposal was at my family property that we've had for 23 years!

How We Met

Kaanen and I met through some mutual friends that I had when I was in high school. We had crossed path via Facebook and that is where we connected! After a few weeks of talking on the phone and texting each other, Kaanen asked to go to my favorite restaurant for a date. After playing the “hard to get” game I agreed to go. Although we may have different ideas on how the first date went, his being that he thought I was somewhat interested but out of his league and mine being that he would never look at me so I thought he wasn’t interested , we decided to hang out again the next day. Kaanen had invited me to come over the next morning to make some breakfast for me. I him at his apartment to have him cook me breakfast and he made pancakes, however he only used flour and water and added chocolate chips!! Needless to say I have done the majority (basically all) of the cooking since that meal.

For our first two years of dating I was going to school to become an elementary teacher at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS and Kaanen was stationed at McConnel Air Force base in Wichita, KS, the distance had its ups and downs. Once I was in my last semester of college (Spring 2017) I had decided to do my student teaching in my hometown to save some money. Kaanen and I had talked about how we were wanting to take our relationship to the next step eventually and we were in it for the long run but I made him promise me that he would wait until I was done with student teaching and I had a college degree, he agreed. After moving home in May I spent my summer being a nanny for two kids but once August hit I was in full teaching mode and getting engaged was the last thing I was thinking about.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our proposal was at my family property that we've had for 23 years!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our proposal was at my family property that we've had for 23 years!

how they asked

Every year for Thanksgiving my family goes out to our family property in southeast Kansas. When Kaanen and I had first started dating he didn’t have anywhere to go for thanksgiving so I had invited him to come out to our cabin with us. He was the first and so far only person outside of my family that I have invited out there, needless to say this is a very special place for me. This year my mom and dad had decided that the boys, my dad, older brother Chris, younger brother Corbin and Kaanen, would go out to our property Tuesday November 21st to get some of the chores done. This would allow us girls (my mom and I) to get some of the Thanksgiving dinner precooked so it would be less work when we are out there. My mom had also informed me that we were getting an inspection done on her house since they just completed a renovation and that once the inspection was done we would go to breakfast and wouldn’t tell the boys.

Wednesday morning comes and so I got up and my mom had asked me to dress cute for breakfast since my normal go-to attire for going out to our property is leggings, little to no make up and hair up, I didn’t think anything of it. After an hour and half of waiting on the contractor to finish the inspection we were ready to go to breakfast. On the way to breakfast my mom kept saying that we needed to be out to the cabin by 1 o’clock to see the boys before they left to go hunting, which is normally around 3 o’clock. I was super confused why we had to be there two hours before they would even leave but I didn’t question it and went along with it.

Once we are on the road my mom and I jammed out to Backstreet Boys for the entire hour long car ride. We got to the cabin with five minutes to spare before 1 o’clock. When we pulled into the drive the boys (brothers, dad and Kaanen) were ready to help us unpack our car so we could all enjoy the beautiful day! It took us all maybe ten minutes top to unpack everything and get it all put away. After we finished unpacking I noticed that Kaanen had his nice (cowboy) boots on and asked him why he was wearing those and not his work boots and he told me it was to break them in more. Soon after Kaanen asked if I would like to on a walk and he has been asking to go on a walk for the last couple of trips we have gone out so I said “Sure!”. I then asked the group if I should put on a light jacket or change out of my nice shoes and everyone insisted that I stay in my cute outfit for the day and said to just stay on the mowed trails so I don’t get dirty.

Kaanen and I were planning on going to the old root cellar from the old homestead site that is on our property but once we made it there I asked if we could just keep walking since it was so nice out, I added about ten more minutes onto our “short” walk. We walked down the road and through a field and about 25 yards before we got to the low water bridge Kaanen made a comment about how his hands were sweating and I just assumed it was because he had a winter jacket on. After we crossed the low water bridge we began to walk across the clover field and I notice and bald spot on the earth where grass should be growing, my first thought being that we have armadillos and I should let my dad know. That’s where Kaanen stopped. I thought he would also say something about the dirt spot on the earth but instead he told me that I needed to listen because he had some pretty important stuff to tell me.

Where to Propose in Our proposal was at my family property that we've had for 23 years!

Caitlin's Proposal in Our proposal was at my family property that we've had for 23 years!

Proposal Ideas Our proposal was at my family property that we've had for 23 years!

He began to unzip his jacket where I noticed that he was wearing a button down shirt and at that moment I knew instantly what was happening and the tears began to flow. What he said next is now a blur to me but I remember hearing him promise that he would give me the world, and keep me safe. Then I hear those seven words that every girl has dreamed of, “Caitlin Marie Watson, will you marry me?” I was so happy and crying that I couldn’t actually form the words so I nodded my head yes!

Once I stopped crying Kaanen asked me to find the hidden photographer, I couldn’t so we began to walk back to the cabin. As we were walking Kaanen told me that my little brother, Corbin, had been hiding in the woods and got everything on camera! At this point I still can’t believe what has happened. While we are walking up the path to the cabin Kaanen tells me that my entire family knew that he was doing this and they were all waiting on us to come back and celebrate.

After getting to the house I noticed Chris’s (my older brother) dog, Remy, at the door with a chalk board sign around her neck that read “He asked..My aunt said… YES!” and the water works began again. I walk inside where all of my family (except Corbin) had been waiting for me. Kaanen and I hug everyone and then Corbin appears at the door covered head to toe in camouflage with a camera around his neck, no wonder I couldn’t find him!

My family had set it the perfect celebration for Kaanen and I, cookies that were rings and hearts, popcorn containers that read “Kaanen POPPED the question and Caitlin said YES!” as well as champagne flutes and of course a bottle of champagne that Kaanen and I had the honor of popping open. Once the party and the excitement was settling Kaanen and I had to go to a tall hill to get cell phone service to call family and our closest friends, who also knew this was happening!

The next day my dad went out to where the bald spot on the earth was a put a rock there so we will forever know where this amazing moment happened for years to come!

Kaanen and I are beyond excited to start this new chapter together and to celebrate with our friends and families!

Special Thanks

Caitlin's younger brother, Corbin |