Caitlin and Joshua

Caitlin's Proposal in The Japanese Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth

How We Met

Josh and I met and fell in love quickly. We had our first date on December 15th, 2018 and spent every single day together until we made our relationship official in January. Since then, we have spent very few days apart. By the first month, we were finishing each other’s sentences and thoughts and within the first couple of months of dating, we knew we were one day going to get married. When I met Josh I thought he was the most incredible human I’ve ever met. He fulfilled every one of the mental checkboxes that I had asked God to instill in a husband for me: kindness, a silly sense of humor, blatant honesty, compassion, selflessness, and a thankful heart. He has always been so generous and sweet, even from date one.

How They Asked

On our 6 “monthiversary”, Josh took me to the Japanese Botanical Garden in Fort Worth where he proposed. He made it extremely special with a photographer on hand to capture the moment too! We have since loved living the fiancé-life and look forward to a lifetime together where we can cherish and grow with each other.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Japanese Botanical Gardens, Fort Worth

Special Thanks

Kimberly Young
 | Photographer