Caitlin and Joel

How We Met: Joel transferred to Rogers High School my Junior year, and was placed in my chemistry class. I remember telling my friend, Jarod, that I thought the new senior hockey player was extremely cute. We worked in similar groups on our chemistry reports, and I was immediately drawn to Joel’s quick smile and wit. Unfortunately, we both were in relationship and only knew each other as acquaintances. Joel graduated from high school and went on to play junior hockey around the nation and even was stationed in Canada for a season.

While Joel was in Canada, I was a fresh-faced freshman at CST. I received an email saying Joel had sent you a message on Facebook. Immediately, my mind wondered why Joel was reaching out after not seeing each other for 2 years. In addition, I had given up Facebook for lent, and was wondering if I should break lent to read his message. (you all know I broke my Lenten goal!)

Joel and I started dating once I came back from school that summer. I remember thinking that Joel was unlike any man I have ever dated. He is straightforward, honest, and extremely caring. Joel officially asked me out 10-10-10; and it has been a wonderful 4.5 years of dating him!

how they asked: Joel is my soul mate: he is caring, funny, thoughtful, and full of surprises (including our proposal!). Joel and I planned a weekend up at my grandma’s house with both of our parents. Unbeknownst to me, Joel had the ring in his fishing bag just waiting for the perfect moment to ask for my hand.

Image 1 of Caitlin and Joel

I had speculations that he was going to pop the question this weekend, but he reassured me before we left that he still hadn’t asked for my father’s permission.

Image 2 of Caitlin and Joel

Joel and I went fishing by ourselves right before dinner. The sun was just starting to set, and the everything around us seemed peaceful. Joel asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. And it has been like walking on cloud nine ever since!