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how we met

Caitlin: We met about 5 years ago in basic cadet training at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. I immediately thought Joe was so cute I even wrote home mentioning him. We became great friends over our freshman year at college, attending church together and spending time with friends. We both had major crushes on each other but it wasn’t until summer before our sophomore year that we began dating. It didn’t take long at all to realize that we just clicked. Our first date was a sunrise hike up the incline at Pikes Peak then breakfast at Cracker Barrel. We connected on so many levels and as cheesy as it sounds I think the both of us knew within the first month of dating that we wanted to get married.

I love that Joe has a way of making anyone he meets feel like the most important person in the world. He is so caring, funny, and wonderfully sweet.

Joe: And I love that Caitlin is just the kindest and most compassionate person I know, and she just has this way of lighting up my day. We love that we are able to make each other laugh and even more how we can connect in our faith in God. We dated for the remaining three years at the Air Force Academy and were even blessed enough to get stationed together for our first assignment in the Air Force.

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how they asked

Although we are stationed at Langley AFB in Virginia, there was no way I was missing my chance to propose to Caitlin in Austin, TX. Caitlin is originally from Austin and ever since she brought me home I have absolutely fallen in love with the area. This June Caitlin had a family reunion in Austin and it was the perfect opportunity! I worked with her sisters, Allie, Shannon and Olivia (who really made all this happen) and her parents, to find a way to surprise her. Being that we live far away and her sisters are in college now, her sisters convinced her that they wanted a sister day to get nails done and have brunch in the city. I worked with Mikenzie Ryan of France Photographers in Austin to set up the surprise proposal. Mikenzie helped me pick Doug Sahm Hill just outside of the downtown area because it had such a spectacular view of the city that Caitlin and I love. We got set up and waited for Caitlin to arrive. Her sisters brought her there under the disguise that they would get some sister pictures.

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Before coming up the hill I had Shannon hand Caitlin a letter that I had written for her. I could see that she was getting emotional because she knew what was about to happen. I walked down the hill to meet her and after she had finished reading the letter, we walked back up the hill.

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When we got to the top, I got down on one knee and as we both held back tears, asked her to spend her life with me and she said yes!

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The ring I got Caitlin was from brilliant earth. it’s a 1.2 carat Oval cut. The oval seemed very elegant and unique which I thought would fit her perfectly. Plus it fits her hand really well.

After, we spent a wonderful weekend surround by friends and family. We are looking forward to our wedding in October 2018.

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