Caitlin and Jesse's Carnival Cruise Proposal

How We Met: We met in 11th grade in high school. We were the standard football player and cheerleader.. guess it was just meant to be. He wasn’t the most graceful when he asked me out, pretty much kissed me said “we’re dating” and ran away. So romantic. But obviously he made up for it over the years.

The first picture is us after about 4 months together at Junior Prom, the next is us at the homecoming game senior year, we were homecoming king and queen.



how they asked: I am in graduate school and he graduates this year, so we decided to treat ourselves to a cruise for spring break. We went on a Carnival cruise out of Baltimore heading to Florida and the Bahamas. We are from Virginia, and Jesse has never been farther south than Myrtle Beach, so we were both super excited. The first two days are “days at sea”, so they consisted of a lot of laying by the pool, tanning, and drinking a fancy drink or two. Well the second day was the captain’s dinner, so we were dressed up all nice for dinner and the shows after. For those who haven’t been on a cruise, they have all sorts of photo backdrops positioned throughout the hallways for you to take pictures at. They are all super fun, so we usually did all of them. Well, after dinner we went back to the room for me to change shoes since my heels were killing me (only thing I was mad about after) and went back downstairs to go to the comedy show. Well when we got off the elevator, we saw a backdrop we had not done yet, so Jesse suggested that we do it. Well he must have whispered something to the photographer in passing, and I have to say he was very smooth about it. They set you up in some very silly positions, so you just have to go for it. Well the photographer said “okay one more, get down on one knee like you’re proposing”.. and I just laughed.. like what a funny pose to put us in. So I’m looking at Jesse and he starts talking.. “Caitlin Mary Lee… (that’s all I remember, something about forever and love in there as well)” until I saw him pull out the ring and I just started crying. The ring box was customized with “Will you marry me Caitlin?” It was just perfect. I was just in shock and didn’t know what to do, I of course said YES!! It totally caught me off guard and the whole night I just stared at my perfect ring. It’s been almost two weeks and I still can’t believe it. He did an amazing job, especially since we have a picture of the actual moment (the one I uploaded was a picture of a picture). He apparently had it planned out for a couple months, but I was oblivious to the whole thing. Then once we got to Nassau, we had pictures on the beach which also turned out amazing. Perfect start to hopefully a perfect life to come!!propose