Caitlin and Jeremy

How We Met

We are fake high school sweethearts!! We were on the same cross country team in high school and weren’t friends. Lol. But thank God we reconnected after graduating college through our mutual best friends. Who knew we’d be teammates for life?!

How They Asked

It was the beginning of our first full day in Bali after 25 hours of travel to get there. We woke up in the most beautiful cliff side hotel room overlooking the Indian Ocean! We started the day by drinking much-needed expresso in the most beautiful bathtub filled with bubbles that overlooked the ocean. Then we went to the most amazing pool but didn’t realize how powerful the Balinese sun was and got absolutely torched. Way passed the sun-kissed look more into the straight lobster look. After we went to this famous beachside club in Bali called Sunday’s Beach Club and ate lunch and drank Aperol spritz under the tiki huts.

After we went back to our hotel and started getting ready because we had a strict 5:30 pm sunset dinner overlooking the cliffs that Jeremy set up with our hotel. I was so nervous and freaking out on the inside because I had a feeling it was going to happen on this trip and with this precise schedule I was certain it was going to happen then (we are more go with the flow type of people and hate strict schedules). So at 5:30 we waited to get escorted to dinner but the guy bringing us was running a few minutes behind thank god because I quickly excused myself to the ladies room to give myself a quick pep talk!! I get back to the lobby and Jeremy and the guy we’re waiting on me!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Anantara Uluwatu Resort Bali, Indonesia

Naturally but I was just trying to keep it classy being a little fashionably late! Lol. So he escorts us down all the stairs to the cliffs and instead of turning to the restaurant we turn and walk up another set of stairs where I see this little photographer hiding in a tree. At this point I know it’s about to go down and we both start to laugh at this girl hiding in a tree. We get to the top of the stairs and there is the most beautiful Balinese flower set up with a massive heart and ‘I love you’ written all in flowers overlooking the ocean with the most beautiful dreamiest of sunsets. Jeremy takes me and as he’s trying to get the ring out of his pocket it gets stuck.

Proposal Ideas Anantara Uluwatu Resort Bali, Indonesia

I was so excited that this was actually happening and in shock that I threw my phone to the floor and turned around to look at how calm and beautiful the ocean. It was kind of a split- second of clarity before I was about to black out from being so excited. Which I did. I had to confirm with him afterward if I said yes. As I turn around he’s on one knee and it was the most perfect moment of my life!

Special Thanks

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