Caitlin and Jeff

How We Met

We actually met on the Bumble dating app. After just one date with her, I knew she was perfect for me and I couldn’t wait to go on another date. And the rest is history :)

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Signor Vineyards

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Signor Vineyards

how they asked

Caitlin thought we were just celebrating our dating anniversary with a trip up to Fredericksburg, Tx. After visiting a few other wineries, I told her we had a scheduled wine tasting at Signor Vineyards and she didn’t suspect a thing.

Caitlin's Proposal in Signor Vineyards

I wanted Caitlin to feel so beautiful and special on the day I proposed so I planned to have her get her nails done and buy a new dress that she loved. I had the photographer get there early to set up some wine, flowers and a charcuterie board on a picnic table next to the vines. So when we got there, I told her we should just walk around the property for a little bit before the tasting and we so happened to stumble upon the picnic table.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Signor Vineyards

Proposal Ideas Signor Vineyards

Once Caitlin saw the table she immediately said “What is going on?”, “Why are there flowers and wine on the table?” She started to get excited as she realized what was about to happen and as she saw the photographer peeking around the tree. I don’t remember exactly what I said but I got down on one knee and asked her to be mine forever and she said Yes! The whole day went perfectly and we had so much fun taking pictures together afterward.

The photographer happened to get a photo of the ring on one of the yellow flowers in the bouquet. Evidently, yellow roses hold a special significance in Caitlin’s family. Her mom’s mother’s favorite flower was the yellow rose. She died from breast cancer when Caitlin was 4 and so she was raised to always think of her when the yellow rose came about. All of three, Caitlin, her mom, and her grandmother, had breast cancer – so it’s always something that’s connected them. We will be using yellow roses for our rose ceremony on our wedding day and we thought it was absolutely perfect that we got that photo.

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