Caitlin and Jason

How We Met

Jason and I met on an online dating site. We talked for about a month before meeting, at a restaurant in DC. Afterwards I drove him to the airport to pick up a girl (Just a friend ;) ) The rest was history. We’ve spent almost everyday together ever since. That was 4.5 years ago. 2 years ago we bought a house for us and our 3 dogs and this past Christmas we got engaged!

how they asked

We live in DC, but I go home to Ohio every year for Christmas. Jason had told me a couple months before that he wanted to go visit his family in Texas that Christmas, so I drove to Ohio myself. The Saturday after Christmas, I was at my family’s gift exchange. In the exchange, everyone opens a gift from someone who drew their name the year before. The person opening the gift then has to guess who gave it. The video starts with me opening my gift, that I thought was just a part of the exchange. It turned out to be about 9 boxes, each wrapped inside of the previous box. There was a ring in the very last box, and when I turned around, there was Jason, ready to ask me to be his wife!

Our Video

If you feel like watching the best moment of our lives and the moment I get engaged to my sexy rockstar:) (The camera turns the right way about 45 seconds in). This video starts about a minute into the whole thing. I am with family doing our yearly gift exchange where we draw names and have to get that person a gift. The gift receiver doesn't know who had their name and after they open their gift, they have to guess who got it for them. So at this point, I think Jason is still in Maryland, enjoying the Holidays without me while I'm in Ohio, and I'm just unwrapping a gift from someone in my family. I start to unwrap, and it turns out to be many wrapped boxes inside of each other. The video starts when I am about 7 boxes in. GO!

Posted by Caitlin Elizabeth Charette on Sunday, December 27, 2015

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