Caitlin and James

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Big Island Hawaii

How We Met

James & I most likely met for the 1st time in 6th Grade. I had moved to MN from CA towards the end of the school year but his best friend Nick was in my class so I’m pretty sure that was the 1st time we met. We met again when I was 20 at Derby Days (street fair) because my brother & I were looking at longboards and he and Nick now owned a board shop. About a year later I got a new job working at a motorcycle dealership that James also happened to work at. At first, I thought he was the meanest person ever. He had a bad attitude and he and the other salesman I worked with were so incredibly loud all the time I had no idea what was going on half the time. A few months went by and I started working with him more and grew to like him. Little things he did for me were sweet and eventually, I developed a crush on him that everyone knew about, except him. I requested Nicks help to get the message out to him and he did, he knew for about a week that I had a thing for him but we didn’t go on our first date for another month. Both of us were worried about how it would affect work. We started dating anyways despite our fears and the rest is history.

how they asked

October 2017 we went to Big Island Hawaii for our anniversary and on the 3rd day there after a great night at the cantina and a walk under the starlight sky James asked me to marry him.

(Did I mention it was on top of a waterfall?) yeah, he hit all the romantic bonus points!! I obviously said YES and we spent the next week in Hawaii and future Mr. and Mrs. Smith!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Big Island Hawaii