Caitlin and Hunter

Caitlin and Hunter's Engagement in Pisgah National Forest

How We Met

Hunter and I met our freshman year of high school, we were fifteen. He sat behind me in or world geography class. Over the year we became close and by that summer we were officially dating! We were inseparable! We experienced all of the most important milestones together from learning to drive, junior and senior prom, and graduation.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Pisgah National Forest

how they asked

A little bit of a back story is needed to explain how amazingly thoughtful Hunter’s proposal was. My family has a “family tree” in Pisgah National Forest. This tree has all of my families names carved into it. My grandparents, my aunts and uncles and their families along with my Mother, Father and brothers. In 2013 we took a trip to Pisgah and visited the tree while we were there. While at the tree Hunter carved our initials into the Family Tree! Jokingly I told him that he “was stuck with me now!” This past June we agreed to help our friend who is a photographer find new venues to take clients. We told him about the tree years ago and he suggested that we take him to see it and while we were there he would get some practice in and do a photo shoot for us! I jumped at the chance to have some pictures taken because we needed some good pictures together. We got to Pisgah National Forest and found the tree. Our friend set up his camera and we began taking some practice shots. Hunter had the idea to recreate a picture of me carving our names into the tree. He gave me his pocket knife and I turned to “carve” our initials into the tree. Our photographer told me he had the shot and I turned around. Hunter was on one knee behind me with the most beautiful ring I have ever seen!

Our photographer captured the entire proposal! I dropped the pocket knife and kissed him, We later had to dig through the leaves to find the pocket knife! We then took some engagement pictures and spent the rest of the day in Asheville, NC with our friends. Hunter had planned every aspect of the day without me knowing coordinating everything with our friends and having them tricking me into thinking we were helping them find places to take clients. The sweetest proposal incorporating my families traditions and something we started years ago by carving our initials in to that special tree! June 24, 2017 will forever be one of the most memorable days of my life! I cannot wait to marry my best friend June 9, 2018.

Special Thanks

Keith Snider
 | Photographer