Caitlin and Graham

How We Met

Graham & I met in AP Human Geography class. I was the shy, quiet sophomore in a class full of seniors, one of those being Graham. I had thought Graham was cute all year but never thought he’d show any interest in me, so I kept my crush to myself. Around spring time he started making small side comments to me which slowly turned into more and more conversation. He ended up asking me to prom and we dated for the rest of the school year. Our relationship was short and sweet, ending when he was being shipped off to training camp before he attended the Merchant Marine Academy in New York. We went our separate ways.. Him going to the Academy, eventually being medically discharged and returning to Florida to attend school.. Me going to Los Angeles on a Performing Arts Scholarship and becoming a professional dancer. I was home for Christmas about 6 years after we had last seen each other when we reconnected. We kept in touch but nothing romantic happened for many months to come. I flew home at the end of the summer to work with a local dance studio when we finally got around to spending some time together. Again, nothing very romantic happened, but we both knew something special was there. He ended up flying out to see me in California a few months later, we had the best weekend of our entire lives, and then he didn’t stop coming back! We maintained an amazing long distance relationship for the next year and a half before I made the move back to Florida, and the rest is history :)

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how they asked

There is a spot by Graham’s parents house that we call the boat basin. It is a large strip of land connected to their neighborhood’s boat docks that over looks the inner coastal waters and it is one of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen! We take our dogs down to the basin regularly with a container of tennis balls to play fetch. We’ve also spent many nights there watching sunsets and even having Valentine’s Day picnics. The boat basin is one of my favorite places in the world and holds a lot of sentimental value for us. One afternoon we took a casual stroll to the basin (or so I thought) with the dogs and tennis balls in hand. As we were walking down I saw a woman in the distance taking pictures which was rare considering there was hardly ever anyone there, but I didn’t think much of it. As Graham took the first 2 tennis balls out and threw them for the dogs to catch, I noticed there was something in the tennis ball container in place of the third ball.. It was a small black box. The photographer was not just some random woman.. It was the same woman that took our photos for prom close to 8 years ago. And it was not just another casual stroll to the boat basin.. It was the day that would lead to the rest of our lives!!!

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