Caitlin and George

Proposal Ideas The Farmer's Daughter Restaurant at Normandy Farm

How We Met

George and I met online in October of 2012, right around hurricane Sandy. He was 25 and I a mere 18. We talked a bit through email, skype, and texting for a few weeks until we finally decided to meet up. I drove to his town of North Bergen, New Jersey to meet with him. At first, I wasn’t at all interested in him and called it off a few weeks later.

Fast forward to April of 2014 where we met up for lunch and he asked me to come to his friends’ wedding (thanks Tony and Crystal!). I of course accepted the offer and we went to the wedding in June of 2014. We spent the weekend together with his friends and I realized that he was the one. On June 16th, 2014, we made it official. We needed each other.

how they asked

We moved out of North Jersey in May of 2015 because George had found a new job in Pennsylvania. When we moved, our goal was to find new and exciting places to eat. One place in particular was considered our “special date night place.” The Farmer’s Daughter in Blue Bell, PA was the first place that we went out to when we were finally moved in and settled. We adored the charm of this restaurant and made it a point to come here to celebrate anniversaries and birthdays and we held true to that.

Fast forward to October 21st 2016, we went back to The Farmer’s Daughter for my birthday. We had a beautiful dinner along with dessert. As dinner progressed, I continued to joke with him that two people already got me rings for my birthday, and I would LOVE a third. He told me that he could show me where the ring was when we got home. I thought that was a bit strange, but I went with it. We then paid our bill and left. Upon walking into the parking lot, George started to slow down. He said to me “I can show you where the ring is because I don’t have to hide it anymore” as he got down on his knee and asked me to be his wife. Unfortunately, we did not have anyone there to capture that moment, but it was a beautiful, personal moment shared by the two of us (and the women leaving the restaurant that honked their horn and flashed their lights for us!). I wouldn’t have had it any other way. The whole car ride home was spent calling our families and telling them the good news through happy tears.

Caitlin's Proposal in The Farmer's Daughter Restaurant at Normandy Farm