Caitlin and Gage

How We Met

Caitlin and I worked around each other for ~2 years exchanging nothing more than a smile or a simple hello. One evening we were invited out by separate friends. I was told Caitlin would be there so I decided to go and meet her outside of work. After some small talk, we hit it off and started communicating daily. We went on a few dates and before I knew it, I was smitten. There was a small issue though, I was deploying in a month and was unsure how she felt about it. Long story short, we stayed in touch throughout the whole trip and continued growing our relationship.

How They Asked

Fast forward to being back home, Caitlin and I were going steady and I knew for sure I wanted to marry her. One thing to know about Caitlin is she is super hard to surprise so of course I took this on as a challenge. I thought of doing a photo shoot with her and the kids because she wouldn’t expect anything. I got her mom and sister in on it along with contacting Jennifer about the photo shoot. After the shoot, there was one more surprise waiting at home. We pulled into the driveway and saw a huge banner celebrating our engagement so this piqued her curiosity. I opened the door and lead us all inside for the final piece of the proposal. Family and friends came to town for the engagement and surprised her. Seeing her perfect smile and how happy she was made my whole day. I feel lucky to call her my fiance and thankful that she wants to take this journey with me.

Special Thanks

Jennifer B. Photography
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Sandhills Horticultural Gardens
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