Caitlin and Eamonn's Nike Sneaker Proposal

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How We Met

Eamonn and I met over four years ago when I was a patient at his office. We started off as friends grabbing coffee every once and awhile, catching an occasional dinner or movie. I found myself turning to him when things in my life were hard and he was always there to listen and bring me comfort. Two years ago it became clear that there was more to us than just good friends and we started dating. The friendship and comfort Eamonn brought me in the early years of our relationship provided me with the security and understanding that he would always be there for me and do everything in his power to make my happy and comfortable. There is never a dull moment when we are together and my life is better when he is by my side.

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how they asked

I am a school teacher and as a back to school gift Eamonn always buys me a new pair of Nike sneakers. His oldest sister is a fashionista and always keeps us hip on the coolest sneaker trends. I love this because the kids in my classroom find my sneaker “game” impressive. This holiday season Eamonn was upfront with me (as always) and said that his sister ordered my last gift for him and she missed the cut off to have them ready for Christmas. I figured they were Nike sneakers because that was kind of our “thing” and I understood they were worth the wait. He kept me posted on when they were shipped and when they should be arriving so there was no doubt in my mind they were some kind of sneaker. On Tuesday Jan 5th I arrived home from work and Eamonn arrived home shortly after me and he asked me very casually if I wanted my last gift. He went upstairs grabbed the wrapped gift and laid it on my lap. I opened up the Nike ID box and took out one shoe…

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On the heal of the shoe it read “ME?”… I immediately thought “wow-Nike really messed up my initials!” By the time I grabbed the other shoe and read the words “MARRY ME?” on the heal of the sneakers Eamonn was down on his knee with the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. Both teary eyed we hugged and I said “yes” and in the moment completely forgot to put the ring on. It was the most thoughtful proposal I was so shocked and impressed!! .. and like the say “if the shoe fits!”

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