Caitlin and Dwayne

Where to Propose in The Point, Pittsburgh PA

How We Met

Dwayne and I met less then a year ago on January 21st 2017 at a mutual friends birthday party. I have a weakness for a good beard and boy does he have one (also a dimple which how can you resist!!). We started talking, I think he approached me first, and I’m so happy he did. I was being a major flirt and went to the next bar with some girlfriends. Later that night he found me again and the rest is history.

how they asked

Dwayne knows the way to my heart is Mexican food and my family so he combined both the night that he popped the big question. I work downtown in Pittsburgh PA we planned to go to this killer taco place in Pittsburgh called Condado with my brother and his girlfriend. We had tacos and margaritas, the four of us get together a lot, so I didn’t think anything of it. (Also thank goodness I only had one Margarita this girl has a low tolerance!). After dinner my brothers girlfriend suggested going to another place for a drink but we actually made our way to point park. It was a super cold night and I thought these people are crazy! When we made it to the fountain by the water Dwayne stopped walking and got down on one knee.

Caitlin and Dwayne R's Engagement in The Point, Pittsburgh PA

Swooon! He said all the right words I remember him saying “Caitlin, you’re the love of my life” however I don’t remember saying yes!!!! When we got back in the car that night I made sure to say it again just in case I didn’t. My brother and his girlfriend Alyssa got wonderful shots of the proposal. Alyssa was yelling they’re engaged all throughout the city. Even though it was freezing I just couldn’t put my gloves back on and cover up the beautiful new ring on my finger. I then called my mom who knew (since Dwayne asked my parents for their permission the day before :) Next we went to Market Square in downtown Pittsburgh and champagne with my mom. I loved being surrounded by family and sitting next to my fiancé. The whole night was a dream. He did sooo good.