Caitlin and Drew

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How We Met

We met 9 years ago at a Christmas party. His best friends from high school became my friends our freshman year of college. The day after we met, he told all of his friends he was going to marry me. We are Minnesota natives and Drew is a professional hockey player. Two seasons ago, his career brought him to Europe. First year, he went to Norway and I stayed home due to just starting out my career and also being pregnant with our son.

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The second year, he had an opportunity to go to Budapest, Hungary and spontaneously we decided to go as a family. Instantly, we fell in love with being in Europe and all of the family time. Little did i know, that as were are out in Europe, he buys a ring from the United States, gets it shipped to my best friend and she brings it along with her while she is coming to visit us.

how they asked

A few days after my birthday, Drew says he got my best friend & I massages as my present. As we are walking to get my massages, she hands me a handwritten letter. It was from Drew, basically saying to enjoy my day & at the end of the day..i will be his fiance. We got massages, our nails done, hair done, and got to go out for bloody marys (my favorite!).. and at every stop I had another letter from him. After having a spectacular day with my best friend, he asked me to meet him & our son at my favorite spot in Budapest. As I approach, overlooking the entire beautiful city, he is down on one knee & hands me my last letter of the day..his proposal.

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I got about a word in before i was crying to hard to see (don’t worry, i read it later on ;)) Of course I said yes!

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We celebrated with champagne to start but of course ended with our traditional selves…beer & burgers!

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Special Thanks

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