Caitlin and Deven

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How We Met

Deven and I met through a mutual friend. She invited me to tag along to a beer fest with her husband and his few guys friends, Deven being one of them. It wasn’t an instant “love” feeling, but it was an instant comfortable trust feeling. We ended up going on our first date a few weeks later and neither of us wanted it to end. We went from a movie, to dinner, to dessert at the park, to drinks at a few different bars. He was the most kind, funny, handsome man I’d ever met.

The first date was so great we REALLY didn’t want it to end. I found out I was pregnant with our daughter a few weeks after. It was terrifying but both of us are in our twenties and have good jobs. I knew if he didn’t want to be apart of it, I could do it. I remember telling him about her and him just leaning in to give me the most perfect kiss. Then telling me he loved me and wasn’t going anywhere. It was difficult for me to accept love like that. But that’s who he is. He loves intensely and intentionally.

how they asked

6 months later we drove up to my parents house is Aurora. Illinois for Christmas. He spent weeks organizing the most perfect proposal and recruited my family and dear friends for help. The day of my mom took me to get my nails done. I didn’t think anything of this because we always go when I’m home. When we were out, he went to a pavilion by the river and decorated a huge Christmas tree with the help of my brother. After our nails I came home and started wrapping presents. It was cold, sleeting and there was snow on the ground. So when he asked if I wanted to take a walk I found that odd. (He’s from Texas and hates the snow). But I went along with it thinking he wanted to do something for me. Once we pulled up, I knew something was up. There were lit mini-trees along the walk up to a pavilion on the water. I was looking at the beautiful frozen water when he pulled me in front of him. He started saying all these wonderful and sweet things and got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I sort of blacked out and couldn’t remember what he said but I do remember saying YES a dozen times.

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We were enjoying the moment when he told me to turn around and there was a photographer, my family, and best friend behind the tree. I never felt more loved than I do when I’m with him. He’s the best thing that ever happened at a beer fest and I’m so grateful to share my life with him.

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Special Thanks

Alena Christopherson
 | Photographer