Caitlin and Cody

Image 1 of Caitlin and Cody

How We Met

In 2011, we both moved into two separate houses next door to one another while attending college. A very crazy Halloween party and a few four lokos later gave me the confidence to introduce myself!

How They Asked

Cody planned an entire sunrise hike on Chief Mountain in Idaho Springs, CO. He had worked with two tour guides and a photographer. One of them hid at the very top of the mountain and when we set foot on our 1.5 miles 4:30 am hike up the mountain, we got to the top where we found the most amazing sunrise of all times. The photographer had me stand over the edge and take the “I am on top of the world” pose with my back turned. Once I turned around, Cody was on one knee with the most beautiful ring I could have ever asked for! It was totally worth the 9-year wait. On the other side of the mountain, there was a blanket, flowers, and hot coffee where we got to take our engagement pictures right then. It was unbelievable and perfect.