Caitlin and Christopher

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How We Met

Chris and I attended the same law school, but didn’t meet until we were studying for the bar exam. I was one of about six administrators for our bar review course, which required me to stand outside the classroom and check off attendance. Each day the students would bring their ID card to be checked-off by an administrator. My close friends would usually opt to bring their ID card to me so we could say ‘hi’ and over the weeks I began to notice that several other students had a preference for my checkmarks. One of the students I began to recognize was a hispanic-looking boy who had a fondness for a particular fedora, which he wore frequently. I did not recognize him from school and assumed he must have attended some other university. Every morning he brought me his ID card and said ‘hi’. He seemed shy and he never said more than ‘hi’.

One day towards the end of bar review, I was sitting in the school solarium on one of our precious ten minute breaks from lecture when fedora-boy suddenly approached me. He stood in front of me and said, “Can I ask you a question?” I thought to myself, “Oh no, not another stupid bar question, can’t he see I’m eating a snack?” “Sure.” I replied with obvious annoyance. “Would you like to go out sometime?” He asked. I was completely taken off-guard. No one asks girls out the old-fashioned way anymore. Nowadays guys ‘friend’ you on Facebook first or get a friend-of-a-friend to gchat you. And guys almost never approach me of all people. Something you should know about me to make this picture complete: at this time I had jet blue-black hair, black nails, and tattoos. Additionally, I was two solid months into bar review, which means I had no makeup on and I hadn’t shaved my legs, washed my hair or changed my clothes. Apparently fedora-boy wasn’t as shy as he seemed, although considering my current state, I questioned his taste. I had been previously informed on many occasions that I was intimidating and despite Chris’ questionable taste, I admired his bravery.

It was because of Chris’ bravery that I agreed to go out with him (I really wasn’t (and am still not) fond of that fedora). I later found out that Chris had been eyeing me since the previous semester when we took the same Trusts and Estates class. It took him about four months to work up the courage to ask me out!

how they asked

Chris and I are big wine lovers. We have a ‘his and hers’ wine and food blog called Two Forks and a Corkscrew, So when we planned our first big vacation together we knew we wanted to go to wine country and decided on Sonoma, CA.

I suspected something was up when Chris told me he had booked a private hot air balloon ride for our first morning in Sonoma. Unfortunately, the weatherman predicted rain for the entire week we were out there and this time he was spot on. We had to reschedule the flight for Tuesday, which was the only day that we had a shot at sunny skies. We woke up at 4am on Tuesday morning to cold but clear weather.

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After watching the balloon fill, we climbed aboard and drifted into the sky. About ten minutes into our flight, while floating 900 feet above the Sonoma Valley vineyards, Chris got down on one knee, pulled a gorgeous ring out of his pocket and said, “Will you marry me?” I immediately said “Yes!”

Chris later told me that he had a whole speech planned out, but in the moment abandoned it because he couldn’t wait any longer to just pop the question. Our proposal was so simple and intimate, which was exactly what I wanted.

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Special Thanks

Colleen Young
 | Photographer