Caitlin and Chase

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How We Met

I first met Chase our sophomore year of college at Northern Arizona University. The funny thing is my sorority sister had dated him before me for a month but this was when I didn’t really know said sorority sister. Her and I later became best friends. She introduced me to her group of guy friends and her and I started hanging out with the guys all the time. The night I met Chase I expected to not like him because you know ex of my then best friend. But there was something that was pulling me in and telling me to look past that. That night we played Cards Against Humanity. If you ask Chase he first knew he was attracted to me because I was the only one to laugh at his messed up answers in Cards Against Humanity. I knew that night that something was there but I’ve always thought the whole “love at first sight” thing was a myth. I left that night and knew I would have to ask my friend if she minded if I maybe started talking to him, although resistant, she said yes. I didn’t wanna break girl code but I’m telling you I just knew he was the one the night I first met him. A few days later I learned that on that night we both said to our best friends ” Is it weird that he/she is exactly like me?” Now the weekend we met happened to also be parents weekend. The next day was the parents day tailgate and since I was apart of my sorority at the time I of course brought my family and we all went to hang out and play some good ole fashioned corn hole.

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As I’m standing at my cousin’s fraternity tailgate, intensely watching this intriguing game of corn hole, I felt someone hug me from behind. Immediately I felt warm and at home and then I freaked out after all this was a man hugging me not one of my sisters,and not a family member because they were far too tall to be related. I slowly turned around to find Chase. I was surprised at his bold move since we had just barely met the night before but I also loved how he went for it. I spent the rest of the tailgate bonding with his mom and grandma wondering if he liked me or if he was just another one of those overly friendly guys that has a million female friends. The tailgate came to an end and I really was feeling sad having to split away from him since after all we had been hanging out for a solid 3 or 4 hours. I said my goodbyes though and my family and I decided to go continue our family bonding at the bowling alley. Once we got to the bowling alley as I was sitting down to put my shoes on I saw Chase walk in my heart skipped a beat. As we both bowled at separate lanes I started noticing he was being a show off and would try to see if I was looking every time it was his turn. A little nerdy of him but still charming. We talked a little here and there while bowling and then since my family is definitely not gifted in the bowling department we left after one full round. I said goodbye again to Chase. Little did I know I had left my purse there. Modern day Cinderella story I know. Totally unintentional though! He texted my friend and we headed back to get it. My friend hopped out and grabbed it since I was driving. I waved to him and we drove away again.

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As we drove away I had a light-bulb moment. I could message him through Facebook to say thank you and get his number in a sly way. And so I did just that a day or two later. We talked back and forth a lot until finally he asked me on what I assumed was a date. Now let me tell you right now Chase is blessed I stuck around! This might have been one of the worst first dates. We went to Chipotle which who doesn’t love Chipotle? We sat down with our food and Chase from then on was glued to his phone the whole time. I even tried to make a very obvious gesture of me putting my phone down! He did not pick up on this. However, at some point we began talking because he invited me to come hangout at his dorm room. We sat in his room joking and talking for maybe a half an hour to forty five minutes. He had gotten better about the phone but still kept looking at it little did I know someone was heading over. All of a sudden I heard someone knock he went and grabbed it. It was a different girl!! As if that wasn’t already a punch in the gut he looked at me and said “It was nice hanging out with you!” Which was his way of saying goodbye I guess. Oh I walked out and immediately let him know not to ever talk to me again I wasn’t gonna deal with this after all. He tried to apologize although he was so oblivious. Once he realized I really wanted nothing to do with him he started texting me nonstop to try to get me to forgive him. I ignored it for a while but the poor guy was still trying after 4 hours of my short, passive-aggressive responses. I told him fine we could talk still but not to expect anything more than being acquaintances. After that he admitted he had feelings for me, although he was still talking to the other girl. I told him he had to make a choice cause I wasn’t gonna be sticking around. He ended up choosing me and the rest from there is history! We became official a week later and never turned back. He is my best friend in life.

how they asked

Ever since I was little I have loved Disney. To be honest I’m still not convinced that I’m not a long lost Disney princess. I also have always been in love with love and weddings. So it was normal that from the age of 16 I had a Pinterest board of possible future weddings. One of the first things I told Chase was how one day when I got engaged I wanted to be proposed to at Disneyland. Surprisingly this didn’t scare him off! We have been together a year and a half and are still attending college however we’ve known we wanted o be together forever since very early in our relationship. People thought it was crazy that we already planned on marrying each other eventually so early in our relationship and they doubted we would even stick together long since after all we are college kids and that’s just the culture. I truthfully didn’t imagined I’d get to be engaged this early. Chase told me on New Years of this year that he planned to be engaged to be by the end of the year. If any men are reading this DO NOT tell your girlfriend this. If she’s anything like me and most women I know she will now be bugging you to figure out an approximate time frame of when the proposal is coming and where it’s going to be and what she should be wearing. If she’s even more extra like me she will be hounding you to make sure you remember to ask everyone important for permission to propose, and to make sure there’s a photographer and that I look good with my nails done.

Chase and I had already planned on going to Disneyland for Spring Break since that was his Christmas present to me. So this made me start non so discreetly asking and almost making sure that this proposal would be happening then since I knew we wouldn’t afford to go to Disney twice this year and as he knew that’s where I wanted my proposal. I then spent the next few months having him and my best friend and family members tell me to seriously stop getting my hopes up there was no way it was happening that soon and it would not take place in Disneyland. I was devastated. But eventually after a while I sucked it up and told myself to seriously stop thinking it would happen because it wasn’t. Chase went as far to say he would not propose in Disneyland because it was way too cliche which broke my little princess heart! Let me tell you… I truly was NOT expecting this proposal I had brainwashed myself into believing it was happening in the Summer like I was told and that I needed to not think about it and enjoy my Disney trip. IF YOU DON’T WANT TO READ ALL THE DETAILS START READING HERE.

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It was Saturday March 18th and this was the only day of our 3 day trip that my best friend and family was able to join us. I don’t find this suspicious at all since we were all gonna go together at one point for all 3 days but schedules got in the way. My best friend got sick the night before so in the morning as I’m trying to get there as gates open for our extra magic hour I told her I couldn’t wait for her to go in the park so we went in. We road Peter Pan as that was Chase’s little sister’s favorite ride but we refuse to wait 40 minutes in that line. We got off and my best friend Amber still wasn’t there. Everyone else seemed to be annoyed which I should have caught on to but I was to busy enjoying my favorite place and the luxury of having our extra magic hour. My siblings and I decided to go on the Teacups to take cliche pictures for my younger sister and I. As the teacups started to slow back down I noticed Amber had made it although she wasn’t all dressed up like she told me she was going to be so we could take cute pictures. I told her that I din’t care we still had to take pictures. She told me she knew that coming in and I told her she still looked cute in her own little sporty touristy way!

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We walked towards the castle and I asked my sister to take pictures. As you see in the video we were posing and she asked me to turn around so we could take a cute hand holding picture. As we turned around I almost didn’t notice Chase but then looked down and was in complete shock. After that moment you’ll have to watch and listen to the video because I’m pretty sure I momentarily blacked out since I couldn’t even remember if he had actually said the words “Will you marry me?” I was so in shock and excited. All I remember is hearing the cute Dad and his little daughter in the background as her dad said “Look! He’s asking her to marry him!” and then he said “She said yes! Yay! Clap sweetie!”

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