Caitlin and Chase

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Wynlakes Country Club about 100 feet away from where our ceremony will be!

How We Met

December 19, 2014, I was home for Christmas break from college, and my best friend came to visit because we obviously couldn’t spend three weeks apart. That night was my dad’s Christmas party so the plan was for her and me to attend then break off for dinner on our own before heading back to my parent’s house. Well, it turns out the night was just getting started for us because after dinner she convinced me to go to a bar so we could meet up with some friends from college. We almost didn’t go, but boy I am so glad we did. The second we got out of our car I saw this guy across the parking lot to which I immediately exclaimed, “WHO IS THAT?!”. We spent some time outside waiting for our friends, but I still had my hopes set on meeting the guy because something in my gut told me I had to. Once we walked into the bar I hear my friend say, “Oh gosh here we go…”, while looking up at the band on stage. My gaze followed hers, and I quickly see that the mystery man was the drummer. Needless to say, I immediately fell in love. My friend was playing matchmaker all night trying to get us to talk, and then with the help of the frontman of the band, I was brought up on stage to play cowbell. Y’all I don’t think I’ve ever been so beet red in my life. Finally, once the show was over I met the mystery drummer. I can’t explain it, but something in my heart made it be known that he was my person. We chatted for a few minutes, and I learned his name was Chase and that he was from Atlanta but living in Auburn (conveniently only 45 minutes from me). The conversation quickly turned to music which led us to discussing The Beatles. I told him John Lennon was my least favorite Beatle, and that George Harrison was my favorite. He looked me dead in the eyes, and ask me to marry him…again cue the beet-red face. We kept the conversation going, but then it was time for the band to pack up and leave. We exchanged numbers, and my friend and I went home. That night I went into my parents’ room and woke them up at 2:30 am (let’s be honest they were waiting up for me) and told them I had met the man I was going to marry. What can I say? When you know you know.

How They Asked

First I should start with this – Chase asked me to be his girlfriend on July 3, 2017, after the 4th of July fireworks at his parent’s house on Lake Lanier. Needless to say, the 4th of July has always been a very special day for us after that. This year after we were celebrating our 2 year dating anniversary, but also preparing for a trip to Disney World with my parents. We had been discussing engagement throughout the year, however, I had pretty much accepted that it would not be happening anytime soon. I had specifically told him that I did not want to get engaged at Disney World (just not my thing!) so in all honesty, I thought it would be around the holidays if it was to happen this year.

We attended the fireworks show at my parent’s country club that evening like we have almost every year my entire life, however this year instead of going to our usual spot we had to be moved due to construction…or so I thought. I was a little disappointed because I’m big on tradition, but I let it go because let’s be real I had my eyes on the prize which was Disney World with the people that matter most to me in a few short days. We scouted out a new spot to sit, and as we were waiting on the show to start I noticed that there was a girl beside us with a large camera. I pointed this out to Chase, and he explained that he figured it was somebody that just liked fireworks.

Fair enough I thought, and to be honest I let it go. Then the fireworks started, and I pretty much was zoned in. About halfway through Chase tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Caitlin I have to ask you something.” I looked over, and I immediately lost it. There was the absolute man of my dreams on one knee with the most gorgeous ring. “Will you marry me?” he said, and I think I legitimately was sobbing at this point but of course I said yes! The photographer came out, and she had caught everything. It was truly amazing and absolutely magical! We will be getting married just 100 feet away from where he proposed in April 2020!

Special Thanks

Matty Drollette
 | Photographer
Randy and Sandy McRae
 | Planning