Caitlin and Bryan

Proposal Ideas Our friend's backyard in Cape Coral, FL

How We Met

Bryan and I first met at a local Harry Potter themed event called Hogwarts on Del Prado at a year-round costume store called Red Headed Witches. I dressed as Ginny Weasley complete with Tom Riddle’s horcrux diary and he was young Sirius Black. We reconnected on Facebook later in the summer after I shared an album of photos from the day and ran into each other at two more local cosplay events that year. However, it wasn’t until one of our mutual friends decided to assemble a group of Avengers for a charity event at a movie theater, as well as Disney princesses and princes for a separate event for foster children, that we finally sat down for dinner and had a full-length conversation. By the end of that evening, we were planning to be Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch and he was to be the Kristoff to my Princess Anna. He had also asked for my phone number after realizing I was single and later made plans for dinner and movie for the end of that same week, and the rest is history.

How They Asked

Of all the characters I cosplay as, Princess Anna has come to mean the world to me, as the Frozen sewing patterns were what helped me learn to sew and subsequently jump-started many of my adventures. This story is no different, as it begins with me sewing a dress to portray my favorite Disney princess.

I had made a comment during the process of sewing the sunflower-inspired dress from the Frozen Fever short about wanting to get Anna’s elaborate birthday cake and take pictures recreating the film, to which “Rapunzel” responded by saying not to worry about it, which was code for they were very much up to something magical. I knew there was to be cake and costumes, but none of my princess friends would tell me exactly what was going on until that day.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Our friend's backyard in Cape Coral, FL

The Saturday following my 25th birthday, a week after moving into a new apartment with Bryan, all my friends gathered in one of their backyards in full Disney costumes, in addition to both mine and Bryan’s families. Bryan was wearing Kristoff’s Frozen Fever outfit and my friend Morgan had finished sewing Elsa’s floral gown. She led me around the yard in sync to “Making Today a Perfect Day” to find all my birthday gifts attached to red yarn.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our friend's backyard in Cape Coral, FL

After the song ended, we took a few posed pictures inside with the cake and Bryan started gathering everyone outdoors again. He took me by the hands, gave a short speech about how everything has changed for the better since he and I first met, and got down one knee. I had always dreamed of a Disney proposal and this was his way of making things more personal to the two of us.

“Frozen Fever” is when Kristoff tells Anna he loves her for the first time, but for us it was when we said yes to forever, making that day a perfect day.

Caitlin's Proposal in Our friend's backyard in Cape Coral, FL

Caitlin and Bryan's Engagement in Our friend's backyard in Cape Coral, FL

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