Caitlin and Brent

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Old Town Alexandria, VA

How We Met

At the time, I was working for Sam Adams (yes the beer!) as a brewery representative in Washington, DC. I was pretty new in the job, and still trying to figure out how all of my accounts worked. I went to lunch with one of my distributor reps (the actual ordering liaison between the us and the bars/restaurants/etc) and he started asking me if he could set me up. He asked about one of the managers of a bar, Penn Quarter Sports Tavern, and I said “oh yea he’s adorable, but don’t you dare say anything because that’s my BIGGEST account and we can’t mess that up!!). We finished lunch and he left with a promise to keep his lips sealed. That promise lasted all of about 5 hours, because I received a text from BRENT (I knew right away my secret had been spilled) that read “Hey Caitlin, it’s Brent from PQST, I have two questions for” I proceeded to play into his trap! He started with a work question and finished with “Would you like to grab a drink with me?”. Of course I said yes, and a few days later he showed up with a knock on my door like the true gentleman he is. He came in and introduced himself to my roommates at the time, and than we spent the next 4 hours at a local bar talking and laughing. We barely even touched our food. From there it was pretty much history, and three and half years later we are engaged!

Caitlin and Brent 's Engagement in Old Town Alexandria, VA

how they asked

We live in Old Town, Alexandria. The town has a lot of history, and one spot in particular is my absolute favorite. Theres a palce called the Carlyle House, and behind it is the most beautiful Garden, with a gazebo in the center. We always walk by or through it, and I have always said I think the most insanely romantic things have happened there. It’s the kind of garden that books are written after. Imagine The Notebook meets The Secret Garden. Well, on a Wednesday night Brent said let’s go for a walk and maybe grab sushi. I thought nothing of it. I almost wouldn’t go because the temperature had dropped drastically! I threw on my converse and leggings and we started our walk. He kept zigzagging saying we should just be adventurous, and I wasn’t that hungry so I thought he was just being sweet. All of the sudden he walked into the gazebo. I thought it was strange, but it wasn’t until he was getting down on one knee that I realized what was happening.

Caitlin's Proposal in Old Town Alexandria, VA

I started crying and everything else was a blur! He even had a photographer we know hiding there to take pictures! It was so amazing, a moment I will cherish for forever! Afterwards we picked up champagne and called our friends and family.

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