Caitlin and Austin

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How We Met: Austin and I met in 2008 at a bar in Iowa City, IA as freshman. We talked all night and somehow managed to not see each other again for almost an entire year. After bumping into each other at random parties I mustered up the courage to ask him to my sorority dance. He responded by asking me to his fraternity event.
We continued to talk and somehow discovered that we were polar opposite in our interests. He is obsessed with the packers, I am a bears fan. I hate the color green, it’s his favorite color. The list went on…Eventually we were so intrigued with the idea of finding something we had in common that we just had to keep talking to one another! It did not take us long to realize we were absolutely perfect for each other.

Austin is currently in medical school at the University of Iowa and I work for the University of Iowa as a Catering Coordinator. We are truly HAWKEYE fans so the proposal could not have been more fitting.

Image 2 of Caitlin and Austinhow they asked: On August 30, 2015, two years after we graduated, I was in belief that I was on my way to a University of Iowa Hawkeye football game. I was all ready to tailgate when I walked out into the kitchen and Austin insisted I change into my favorite jersey. I told him I was fine in my t-shirt but he kept insisting I put my jersey on. As strange as I thought his behavior was I let it go and changed into my favorite jersey as his friend Adam (our best man) also mentioned that the jersey was the best choice. Thinking nothing of it the three of us headed to a local bar to watch the game. As we were coming up to the Old Capitol steps Adam mentioned that he had to use the restroom. He took off running behind the building and once again I thought it was strange, but if you know Adam…nothing is truly strange.

Austin suggested the idea of waiting at the top of the Old Capitol steps, my absolute favorite place in Iowa City and often a spot Austin and I would stop to talk at during our college years. I went to sit down and he grabbed my hand to stay standing. Austin had the biggest smile on his face as he turned and asked me “Does anything seem strange today?”. After recounting numerous whispers between him and Adam, the fact that my friends kept telling me their plans that weekend numerous times, and the fact that Austin asked me the question in the first place, I responded “Well, yeah”.

Austin then handed me a ticket to the game. At the top of the ticket he wrote SURPRISE and I looked back at him to find him on one knee. I could not believe my eyes!

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Suddenly I heard screams and yelling. I looked to my left and saw my parents and all of our friends running towards us, champagne in hand! They had all been watching from afar and could not wait to celebrate.

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After some of the shock surpassed and I was able to call my grandparents with the big news, Austin further surprised me with lunch in a private room with my parents and friends at a restaurant called Bastas, which happened to be 808 back when we were in school- the very place we met! It was truly a day we will never forget and I am so very glad I put my jersey on :)

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