Caitlin and Anthony

How We Met

The beginning of our story started in November 2015 and is the stereotypical nurse/police officer love story. I was working in one of the local emergency departments and here comes this knight in shining armor, well more like a super cute bearded man in kevlar, bringing in a patient. He gave me a smile and we had small talk. In no time at all, it was time for him to leave with the patient, but not before I got him name off his badge- Officer Binz. So I proceeded to look up officer Binz on Facebook and accidently came across his twin brother, Stephen who was also a cop for the same department. Upon further investigation, I found Anthony was the cop that had given me butterflies and reached out to him.

Fast-forward a short time, Anthony and I had been talking on the phone and text messages and I finally got the courage to ask Anthony when he was going to ask me on a date. His response was “uh uh when are you available?”. I told him that I was gloriously dressed in scrubs (getting off nursing school clinicals) and would gladly go on a date with him that night. We met at a local bar, had a few beers, disclosed to him that I don’t cook, and the rest is history.

how they asked

It was no secret to Anthony, or anyone around us, that I was ready to settle down and marry Anthony. I actually had told my mother 2 weeks after dating Anthony that he would be the one that I would marry.

Anthony and I love Disney! We have season passes and go as often as we can. So we had planned an over night trip to Disney on Dec. 5th and 6th. So Anthony came to my house at the crack of dawn on Dec. 5th and told me how beautiful I am and how excited he was for today (a little suspicious). We started the trip by driving to Orlando to go to Gaylord Palms ICE. The theme this year was Charlie Brown and it was absolutely breathtaking (and not just because it was so cold). We then went to the T-REX Café at Disney Springs and had lunch. Following lunch we checked into our hotel at Disney and made our way to Magic Kingdom, just as the sun was setting. Anthony had been acting pretty normal all day until we got the Magic Kingdom and he refused to put the backpack down in the bottom of Callie’s stroller, which is what we always did. So when we walked onto Main Street, which was decorated amazingly with Christmas lights and the castle in the background, he had asked if I had wanted to take a picture. I said absolutely! While we were getting ready for the picture, he went to the backpack, saying that he had wanted to take a picture with the GoPro and pulled out a grey ring box. In the middle of Main Street USA, Anthony got down on one knee and told me how much he loved Callie and I and how he wanted to spend the rest of his life with us! I was in absolute shock and was even ugly crying, but of course I said YES! What was more magical than the proposal itself, was when my daughter Callie had asked Anthony where her ring was and he pulled out a ring pop for her from his pocket!

Image 1 of Caitlin and Anthony